Women Stop Chasing These Lesser Men

A relationship only works when both parties understand that they WANT to be with each other, not NEED to be with each other.

The act of NEEDING to be in a relationship with another person will not lead to a happy or healthy relationship.

And the reason for this is because of the “addictive attachment” between both parties or for one party.

Relationships are about growing, improving, and overall becoming a better person because of being with the person you are with.

However, there are some people who feed on this idea that real love is about NEEDING someone in their life.

Narcissists and toxic people look for people who will need others in their lives. It makes them feel good to know that someone cannot live without them in their worthless lives.

It makes them happy knowing that a person will keep returning to them every time they discard themghost them, or give them the silent treatment.

Women, staying and chasing after a dude who keeps discarding you every time he doesn’t need you is not showing you are committed to him; what it does is show him, “I can throw her away when I want and call her back; anytime I NEED HER.”

Narcissistic Beta Males Hate Women

women stop chasing these lesser men

Narcissistic Beta Males loathe women with every fiber of their being. Nothing makes them happier but to have a woman who actually loves him in his heart so that he can crush it.

It gives these beta males a sense of power.

Because they are not as confident, charming, or charismatic as an Alpha male or a Sigma male, they fear losing the girl in their weak minds and characters.

In their weak minds, they know a better guy can come along and swoop her off her feet anytime and take her away because he is too weak to keep her.

So, to keep her in his life, he plays a bit of reverse psychology.

He behaves as if he doesn’t need her. He cheats on her and does this, intending to make her think she is not valuable.

It is all just psychological games to make her question her value. (Read here to get a better understanding of this twisted game.)

He discards her for someone else and then messages her 3 to 6 months later, proclaiming his love for her (hoovers her) so that he can make her think, “He really does care.”

It is a twisted evil game of cat and mouse, and he is the cat, and she is the mouse that he is playing with before he destroys her.

Walking away after giving so much time, energy and emotions is never easy, but women…for the sake of your emotional well-being, YOU NEED TO WALK AWAY from guys like this.

They will never love you…they only love that they can hurt you.

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