This Why The Narcissist Hurts You

This Why The Narcissist Hurts You & What You Can Do To Stop It

This Why The Narcissist Hurts You

Narcissistic people are truly mentally and emotionally disturbed people. They get out of hurting people, and the ones they get the most fun hurting are those they secretly envy.

Narcissists have a very myopic view of the world and how it runs. Their perception of the world is not too dissimilar to what you would find in a toddler or a child.

This is why I call them kidults.

They view the world through the prism of a toddler or a small kid. The world is here not because of the Big Bang or a Higher Power.


The world is here because they are here, and everyone is here because they are here to serve them.

This is the insanity that goes on in their warped minds.

There are several reasons why a narcissist would want to hurt you, and in this article, I want to break down the reasons they do this and show you want you can do to stop that abuse from happening and getting to you.

These people have no lives, and they will work day and night to think of ways to hurt you; they will not stop trying to hurt you until you stand up for yourself.

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This Why The Narcissist Hurts You & What You Can Do To Stop It

There are several reasons why the narcissist hurts you, but I will cut the reasons down into five reasons that will blanket the entirety of reasons why they are so hellbent on hurting you/us.

  1. They Want To Control You
  2. Envy/Jealousy
  3. They Are Scared You Will Leave Them
  4. They Want You To Be Broken Like Them
  5. Fear That Will See Your True Worth

1 – They Want To Control You

This Why The Narcissist Hurts You

Narcissistic people have an insatiable desire to control everyone around them. There is something in their minds that forces them to control the world around them.

They need to be the center of everything and need to be the candy in everyone’s eye.

Control freaks have a strong need to control others because they believe they lack control themselves. So excessive need to control means the person is lacking control somehow in their own life.


Narcissists are kidults and aside from having a very childish look at the world, this view also outs in their mind that they need others to parentify them.

They need others to manage their emotions, make them happy, fulfill their dreams, and take care of them.

This is why they can throw such a hissy fit, go on a smear campaign when we leave them because they feel hurt that we aren’t taking care of them.

They feel abandoned like a small child.

By controlling people in their worthless lives, they feel like they can keep us in their lives forever.

And by attacking us and hurting us, in their minds, they believe that we will continuously think about them all the time and thus never actually leave them.

Because if we hate them that much, we will look for revenge and thus play into the hands of these deranged losers.

Solution: This Why The Narcissist Hurts You

Become someone who is self-reliant. Nothing irks them more and empowers us more than but to become someone who needs as few people as possible.

When they have nothing…NOTHING…we need in our lives to be happy, that depowers them on a massive level.

This is also why financial abuse is one of their favorite tactics. As long as we depend on them financially, then we will always be in their worthless lives.

But by becoming financially free and becoming someone who is self-reliant, we take away their ability to hurt us and control us.

2 – Envy/Jealousy

This Why The Narcissist Hurts You

Oh! This is as true as the sky is blue.

The narcissist will hurt us because of their envy or their jealousy. Us being who we are, causing a severe narcissistic injury.

The narcissistic stare is a clear sign that they want to hurt you. The intense-looking eyes are not signs of love; it is a sign they want to devour you.

Solution: This Why The Narcissist Hurts You

Leave them!

Plain and simple!

Take this from someone who got this look of MASSIVE HATRED from their own mother.

They will hurt you for DECADES if you stay. The only option is to leave them and let them devour themselves or their flying monkeys.

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