why revenge is bad

6 Reasons Why Revenge Is Bad & Why You Need To Move On

6 Reasons Why Revenge Is Bad & Why You Need To Move On

It is not uncommon for articles like this to start with a quote that would set the tone for why revenge is bad for the reader. 

However, blogs, articles, and posts like that I find to be far too redundant, and they offer advice that is not as helpful as we would like it to be.

I understand how getting revenge can feel like heaven for us. To hurt those who hurt us and to make them feel what we feel.

This, please pay attention to this; we can feel as if we vindicated ourselves.

When dealing with nasty narcissistic, toxic people, it would seem like the only way to teach them a lesson is to stoop down to their level.

But I would advise against that, as narcissistic people want us to come down to their level.

They want us to wallow in the pit of insanity with them so that they are no longer alone and no longer have to be by themselves stuck in their insanity.

Revenge is NOT justice with a narcissist, it is a game that they play, and when we seek revenge on these people, we are playing right into their hands.

I want you to think about why they go on such fantastic smear campaigns and diatribes about who we are as a person.

Why do you think they try and drag us back into their insanity?

The answer s because despite them doing so much nasty stuff to us, it is because they NEED US in their worthless lives.

And by seeking revenge on them, we actually play into their hands. We do what they secretly want us to do.

Misery loves company.

And to these kidult narcissists, they are not too dissimilar to a child who draws on the wall to get mommy and daddy’s attention.

A child does bad things knowing full well that will get their parent’s attention and keep their attention.

A narcissist, the kidults they are, think the same way.

In this article, I want to express why revenge is bad and why, as hard as it may be, and believe me, I know how hard it can be to walk away and move on with them keep on damaging your image, YOU MUST DO THIS.

6 Reasons Why Revenge Is Bad & Why You Need To Move On

why revenge is bad

1 – Revenge Only Hurts You

I know how it feels to wake up and immediately be hit with what they did to me. I know how that anger can fester in our hearts and minds. All we do is think about what we wish we could do to them.

There were many days I found myself lashing out at everyone and destroying stuff in my own home out of anger, and it didn’t change anything that they had done to me.

Revenge in the end only hurts us, and we continue to destroy our own lives on behalf of these toxic people, something they would take great delight in.

Ideations of revenge feed their ego because it reveals to them that we do think about them.

They are, in every sense just like Joker to Batman. They do batsh*t insane things just to get our attention and doing bad, in their minds, will make us think about them.

2 – Revenge Steals Your Time

I can think of nothing worse but lose the remainder of our lives by focusing on these clowns.

Revenge is like being in an emotional prison. We can’t escape, and our lives are wasted away behind the bars of their insanity.

The time we spend thinking about how we can hurt them and destroy their lives could be spent on healing ourselves and building our lives back up.

It is very important to understand that this is how these people function in life—having people think about them all the time.

Your time is so precious, and you can never get it back. Focusing all of that valuable precious time on TRASH PEOPLE is going to make you regret it in the end on your deathbed.

Most people regret wasting their lives away by holding grudges and seeking revenge when they had all the opportunity to pursue things that brought them joy and happiness.

There is NO guarantee that there is an afterlife, so enjoy the LIFE you know you have.

Don’t let these creatures; these parasites keep stealing your time.

3 – Revenge Is A Game To Them

why revenge is bad

Much like a child teases and provokes another kid so that they can CHASE THEM, so too are this kidult narcissist who will smear campaign and gossip about you.

They are doing this so that you CAN and WILL chase after them.

It is a GAME to these immature nutjobs.

I promise you…I PROMISE YOU; they are doing these nasty things to you and provoking you because they want you to chase them. They want you to be hurt.

Silence and not caring what they say and do reminds them of how worthless they are.

I want you to think about this for a second, remember when you were a child and your parents told you to go to your room, or stand in the corner.

How did that make you feel?

You felt worthless, alone, not loved, not important, not worthy.

You probably felt like you didn’t matter or would exist in your parent’s mind anymore.

Silence and going No Contact has the same effect on the narcissist mind because these people are kidults. They have that childish mindset.

And when we chase after them and seek revenge we are doing to them what a child who draws on a wall and get berated by their parents do.


See them as kids, and I promise you, revenge will seem silly to you.

YOU have the power over your happiness and life, NOT THEM.

4 – Revenge Shows That They Hurt You

If/when you seek revenge, what you show to the narcissist is that they hurt you — and to a person who needs to feel like they have control over other people, this will make them very happy.

By walking away and moving on with your life after trying so hard to hurt you, you show them they are not as powerful or as important to us as they may have thought they were, and this will cause a huge narcissistic collapse for them.

It is funny to have them do us wrong and then have them wait, expecting us to reach out to them for maybe a year, and not hear from us, only for them to try and hoover us back.

Seeing them or hearing from them, and acting as if we forgot who they are crushes them on a massive level.

Us: Excuse me, do I know you?

And the look of “I AM WORTHLESS,” on their faces NEVER GETS OLD.

Tell me, how THIS is not an act of great revenge; to not even hold any hatred for someone who has so much unjust hatred for us.

It’s like loving someone and them not having ANY feelings for you.

5 – Revenge Can Backfire On You

Revenge can backfire.

Plain and simple.

They know how to play dirty, we don’t.

And it could backfire.

6 – Revenge Turns You Into Them

“The greatest revenge is to be unlike him who has done you the harm.” – Marcus Aurelius

Revenge turns you into them.

These people have a strong desire to destroy the characters of others.

And I think this is true because many of them have no character.

And if they don’t have character, then they don’t want others to.

Final Thoughts

why revenge is bad

I know saying “Move On” can be a bit annoying, as they may have put us through so much nonsense and chaos. These people love chaos and drama; it’s in their DNA to just be the @sswipes they.

But in seeking revenge, we only play into their hands and live the lives they want us to live. And they have NO RIGHT to dictate how we will live our lives.

There is more power to walk away, rebuild your life, and be happy than to sink down to their level and play their insane games.

YOU LOSE when you do this and you WIN when you walk away.

Remember that you have control over your happiness in life, and their apology is not required for you to have a happy and successful life. It will never come, and that is 100% okay!

You are not the only one to be used, manipulated, and made a fool by these people for reasons that only make sense to them.

To NOT be like them is the best revenge because it shows them that they are not as important as they think they are and that life is much better when they are not in it.

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