When You Have A Narcissistic Mother The Best Thing To Do Is…

Recognizing The Signs Of A Dangerous Relationship

When you have a narcissistic mother, the best thing to do is…


I will keep this article short and sweet.

Toxic narcissistic mothers will NEVER EVER LOVE YOU!

This is a harsh truth, and it may very well come off as cynical.

But the truth of the matter is that these people are emotionally damaged.

They get the biggest kick out of hurting others, and there is a twisted sense of satisfaction they get from damaging their own. 

It may be due to them knowing we will continue to try and make them love us, which fuels their fragile ego.

If you have a toxic narcissistic mother, the best thing to do is LEAVE THEM.


Ghost them (and damn enablers for trying to guilt you into thinking this is bad). 

Don’t grey rock them; KICK THEM OUT OF YOUR LIFE.

Things…will never get better with these monsters. 

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