When A Narcissist Mother Ignores You

When A Narcissist Mother Ignores You

It is not uncommon for most people to feel hurt by being ignored. Most people hate the feeling of being ignored. And I say most people because I am an introvert, and I never care when others give me the silent treatment (which I view as a silent treat) or ignore me.

To me, being left the heck alone is HEAVEN on earth! 

But for many people out there, to be given the silent treatment is akin to killing them (or at least their ego).

When we get it from strangers, it hurts like hell, but it can be borderline torturous when we get it from people we WANT and feel WE NEED the love from. 

And narcissists know this, and narcissistic mothers KNOW THIS EVEN MORE.

So much for “motherly love.”

When a narcissistic mother ignores you, the best thing to do is to…

When A Narcissist Mother Ignores You

When A Narcissist Mother Ignores You

The best thing to do is to accept that she wants no part of you.

Narcissists are irrational as hell, but narcissistic women, I dare say, are even more irrational. 

They will ignore us in an attempt to hurt us and make us chase after them.

But when you accept their ignoring of you and accept their silent treatment, YOU REVERSE what they are trying to do to you, making them feel worthless. 

By not begging and pleading for them to talk to you, you show them you value them as MUCH as they value you.

And I know we all hear that “You only get one mother.”



You only get one “life-bearer.”

A mother is nurturing, caring, kind, and is ALWAYS there for her child.

Narcissistic mothers are NONE OF THESE THINGS.

If she ignores you, and you have attempted to make things work, and she still ignores you…MOVE ON.

She is NOT with your one life.

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