What Is A Vindictive Narcissist

What Is A Vindictive Narcissist?

“In general, someone who is vindictive might tend to hold grudges and “get back at you” when they feel you’ve wronged them in some way.” – Psyche Central

Vindictive narcissists are malignant and grandiose narcissists who are extremely spiteful and petty. Any perceived attack against them is met with an irrational level of hatred, spite, and revenge.

And I use the word “perceived” because if they assume or think you are trying to make them feel minor, then they will attack you and make sure to destroy your life as much as they can.

They are easily triggered by anything and almost everything.

They see attacks in everything a person does.

What Is A Vindictive Narcissist?

Just a few things that can trigger a vindictive narcissist:

  • Being critiqued at work
  • Having their worldview challenged
  • If someone else gets more attention, then they do
  • Not getting accepted by someone
  • Someone moving on from them
  • Others succeeding in a goal

These people are irrationally insecure and jealous. When dealing with them, the best thing, like all other narcissists, is to give them as little to no attention as possible.

Any encounter with them will make them hate you and plot on how they can destroy your life.

And simple on the basis that you made their egos feel small.

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