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Toxic Women Will Forever Remain Single & Here Is Why

Toxic masculinity is WELL KNOWN.

Now, I can wholly admit that toxic masculinity does exist. That has been an issue in the past, and it is an issue in many countries and even in the states TODAY.

However, toxic masculinity has slowly but surely been fading away — and the amount of progress (specifically in America) cannot be dismissed.

Women have far more freedoms and opportunities in America than they do in many other nations around the world.


And we know this is true with how much toxic feminity has been rising.

Many toxic females out here use dudes just for their money, status, power, and prestige.

Hypergamy is a REAL THING, yet this is something most people just don’t talk about.

Hypergamy — the tendency of women to try to marry “up” — was, in part, a natural response to this dependency. Marriage was the only way a woman determined her status in life. — ifstudies

However, let a guy who is in his 50s date a girl in her 20s, and society will be all over that, trying to shame this guy for what he is doing.

We say that there are double standards with guys, and that is TRUE. But so too is it true for double standards with women.

And many toxic women take advantage of these double standards.

“What “double standards” are you talking about?” — says the irate toxic female or SIMP SJW dude

Toxic females double standards:

  • Always seen as the victim — “She can’t possibly abuse her partner. Look how big he is, and he is also a…GUY. Guys, don’t get abused.” That “victim card” is very powerful.
  • Child custody battles — It is no secret that when there is a divorce, the mother almost universally wins these custody battles, and she uses this to her advantage. She will punish her husband and her kids by keeping them separated.
  • WE ARE EQUAL, BUT GUYS MUST ALWAYS ASK US OUT! BUT HEY, WE ARE EQUAL! — LMFAO! For all this SHIT TALK about being equal and being able to do anything a man can do, women rarely ever ask a guy out.
  • Throw temper tantrums, and it’s the MAN’S Job to reel her in — yet again, there is this equality we supposedly have, but somehow don’t use it because of the patriarchal society we live in.
  • Feminism — It’s my body; I do with it what I want. It’s also my wallet; I do with it what I want. This argument for ending a human life inside of a woman’s body, WHICH DIDN’T just pop up in there by itself, is a tired argument, and modern feminism has just used it over and over to the point it is tiring to hear. Modern-feminist has lied to a generation of women, and this will hurt so many females later on in life.

In this article, I want to explain why toxic women will forever remain single and why this “I don’t need no man” motto has caused millions…MILLIONS of females suffer from severe bouts of depression, and possible how we can reverse this toxic way of thinking.

Yes, toxic masculinity exists, but so too does toxic femininity.

It is important to shed light on these issues because heaven knows toxic masculinity has been blown out of proportion.

Toxic Women Will Forever Remain Single & Here Is Why

1 — She Is Always The Victim

Victimhood has become a new power. It has become a new way to oppress people.

Women have a HUGE advantage in this area because most women are perceived as weak, helpless, and docile.

She can’t possibly hurt someone; she is only a woman.

This way of seeing women has caused many covert narcissists to get away with a lot of sh*t that most guys (except these beta loser males) would never be able to get away with.

In Mila’s “How Do Women Emotionally Abuse Men?”, she breaks down how many toxic women break down many good guys physically, mentally, and sexually.How Do Women Emotionally Abuse Men?Women can be abusers too.medium.com

The amount of power that women have in modern western society is absurdly inadequate.

They come off as victims but really are the ones who create victims.

Because she is seen as a victim, she can abuse her partner, withhold sex from him, and then when he cheats on her, HE’S THE BAD GUY, and she can separate her kids from him.

This, of course, is doing massive emotional damage to the partner as well as the kids.

Toxic women, when their PETTY FWEEWING have been hurt, can be MONSTERS.

In Mila’s “How “Malicious Mothers” Destroy Their Kids Childhoods,” Mila explains the devious nature of these women and how they use their own KIDS as a means to hurt their partner.How “Malicious Mothers” Destroy Their Kids ChildhoodsThe world needs fathers too.medium.com

Toxic women, when their hearts have been hurt — and most often these women suffer from some mental illness with BPD, depression, and codependency being a huge feeling they have — WILL become as callous, cruel, and cold as any guy could be.

Except the only difference being she has the law on her side.

Which leads nicely into the following reason why these newfound empowered women will forever be alone.


2 — Child Custody Battle

The system SUCKS when it comes to divorce.

Guys get screwed over badly, while the female gets so much.

These toxic females make it their mission in life to destroy the lives of a guy simply because she may have lost favor in him or because he sees her for what she is.

Like the narcissist they are, seeing them for who they are will cause a huge level of hatred because they work so hard to hide their true selves.

The amount of power these people have over how much a father can see their kids is absurd and unfair. Yet, somehow, toxic masculinity is the dominating power in America (or the west).

This is a major reason why many guys are opting out of marriage and forming a family with many females today.

Divorce, monetarily speaking can be a pain, but not being able to see the kids and having her turn the kids against the father is just the nail in the coffin for why most guys will just not date or even want to hook up with girls like this.


We are supposedly equal, yet it is somehow the guy’s ROLE to ask a girl out and chase a girl.

But “anything you can do, I can do better.”

This is a blatant case of toxic femininity.

They claim to be equal and that they can do anything guys can do, yet rarely do you ever see them approach a guy and ask him out.


Because she is a princess, it is our job, as guys, to chase after her and shower her with gifts, flowers, and candies.

And not only that, we must make sure we do this in front of EVERYONE.

Remember, it’s not real love if you aren’t making the other females around you JEALOUS AS HELL.



On a serious note, if we are equal, why can’t women approach guys?

Why can’t they just ask a guy out, like we ask girls out?

Why play these nonverbal games of “I gave you signs” and not just ask us out?

The reason is that females FEAR rejection on a much higher level than guys, and toxic females would just DIE if they were rejected.

So, they try and guilt guys into chasing their “dime a penny a dozen” selves.

This toxic mentality is being seen through ad many guys are just not going to want to be with a girl as fickled, as mercurial, and as hypocritical as she.

4 — “You Ain’t No Real Man If You Can’t Keep Me In Check.”

She can go batshit off the walls insane throwing her temper tantrum because:

“It’s that time of the month.”

“I’m pregnant, and my hormones are out of whack.”

“The devil is inside of YOU, not me, YOU.”

“The moon turned red.”

Or insert whatever NONSENSE that comes to mind.

And when she goes off the rails, it is the GUY’S job to reel her in.

So much for being equals.

Why is it the guy’s job to keep another EQUAL human being from going off the rails?

And a better question, how is toxic masculinity suppose to save a girl from going off the rails?????????

This toxic way of thinking is what is pushing guys away.

5 — Modern Feminist Thinking

Modern-day feminism is going to leave A LOT of these “feminists” in their old age, LONELY, DEPRESSED, REGRETFUL, and BITTERLY BITTERLY BITTERLY ANGRY at what this “movement” has tricked them into believing.

Modern-day feminism is to women what BLM is to black people, A MONEY GRABBER!

Yeah, I said it, and I am black, so, not sure how that goes down in this SJW PC culture we live in today.

Modern-day feminism sucks for many reasons, but mostly because it separates men and women.

It is conditioning and LYING to women that ALL men are NOT to be trusted, that men are liars, cheaters, dogs, and NO GOOD.

It tells women that they can go it alone (and this may be true for some women) when women and men are meant to be with each other.

This is even more true for women than for men; the need to be in a relationship is innate in most women.

Women have a desire, like men, but more so with women, to need affirmation and support.

Feminism is uniting women but under the banner of hatred of men.

Men who have been through the trenches of life will never date a female like this because of her:

  • Arrogance — GROW UP, you are NOT a princess
  • Entitlement — No one is chasing your “dime a penny a dozen” self. You are MEDIOCRE
  • Craziness — Many toxic women suffer from a MYRIAD of mental illnesses
  • Victimness — I am black and HATE victimhood mentality. Yes, life s harder on some people than others, but bitching about how hard life is not going to make it easier. Toxic females know how to use their victim card in their favor very well.

Toxic feminity is a thing, and this is the primary reason why most guys will never date girls like this.


The whole #Metoo thing was GREATLY NEEDED.

There are many nasty dudes out there who use their power to control women, but so are there many nasty women there as well.

At the end of the day, it comes down to nasty PEOPLE, whether they be male or female, black or white, gay or straight, or whatever.

As long as these women continue flipping out and demanding more than they are giving, these females will forever be lonely.

And they really have no one but themselves to blame.

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