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8 Things Toxic People Hate About Themselves

8 Things Toxic People Hate About Themselves. It is important to know that their hatred towards you is in actuality feelings about how they feel about themselves!

8 Things Toxic People Hate About Themselves

Toxic People
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1. All the lies 

Toxic people lie a lot, but it’s not that they love doing it. They will lie about anything that gets them off trouble or feel good about themselves but later regret it when all alone.

2. Two-sided Face 

Although toxic people will drain you of your emotions, there is a part of them still soft. The two-sided part of them doesn’t fit well with them because they feel they should be more kind than they drain people.

3. Cannot Own Up To Their Feelings 

Toxic people rarely own up to their feelings. Instead, they will keep quiet about it and blame you for not taking responsibility and regret later on.

4. Hardly Sorry 

Being kind and saying sorry is never on a toxic person’s menu. Their ego always comes first, and hardly say sorry even when they are wrong.

This side makes them curse themselves out once they realize their mistake but still will not be apologetic about it directly.

5. Exaggeration 

Once you argue with a toxic person, exaggeration of the matter will undoubtedly be their ideal point.

They never concede to what the fuss is about but instead how your tone was.

Deep down, they know they are wrong, but since they cannot own up to it, they will rather exaggerate than accept.

6. Judgemental 

Toxic people hate the fact that they cannot stop judging others for each and everything they do.

It’s a matter that is deep in their minds and drains their thoughts since all they see is the wrong in others rather than themselves.

7. Non-supportive

Toxicity makes this kind of person non-supporters of what you do, and they would instead do what makes them happy.

It’s not that they are not willing to try, but instead, it’s the fact that they feel quite uncomfortable doing it, and it’s a pinch they feel.

8. Expect You To Be Someone Else

Being around a toxic person will make you feel not quite okay because they need you to be someone else.

This part makes them feel quite a range and uneasy with you since they want you to fit in, yet you may not notice it.

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