The Secret To Raising Smart Kids

The Secret To Raising Smart Kids: 20 Things You Can Do

The Secret To Raising Smart Kids

Written By: Brittany Lewis

Kids are awesome, and so is parenting. But it can also be overwhelming and stressful.

Over the years, and through my experience of not only being a parent myself, but also working as a preschool teacher, Sunday School teacher and Vacation Bible School teacher,

I learned many different things a parent, caregiver or educator can do with their children. Compiled together, this list holds the secret to raising smart kids. 

The Secret To Raising Smart Kids: 20 Things You Can Do

The Secret To Raising Smart Kids
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1 – Try not be too hard on them. Children make mistakes, get into bad moods and have bad days just like we do. It’s important to know when to crack down on them for something and when to let things go. 

2 – Teach them good, strong social skills Encourage a healthy social life and activities with peers. 

3 – Teach reading, writing, and math from a very young age. 

4 – Make sure to set high expectations. People will often rise to meet whatever expectation is set for them, children included. If you’re clear from the beginning about what it is you expect from them, they will most likely strive to meet that expectation. 

5 – Make sure to be present with your children mentally and emotionally.

6 – Put a calming nightly routine into practice to encourage restful sleep. 

7 – Limit your children’s sugar and overly fatty foods. Only eat these in moderation. 

8 – Explore different types of music. 

9 – Complete acts of kindness. 

10 – Encourage creativity in your home – One of the  best ways a child (or adult!) can express themselves, and learn to manage their emotions is through creativity. This could include painting, creative writing or journaling. One great example of this is creating your own books together. You can do tis using construction paper, crayons and a glue stick. Then, not only is this a fun arts and crafts activity, but you have a great new book to read together as well. 

11 – Read books together. This goes beyond just reading a quick bedtime story. Ask them engaging questions about what you’ve read. Have thought-provoking conversations about what you read together. 

12 – Be encouraging and supportive of their goals and ambitions. It’s important to tell them you believe in them. 

13 – Model good self-discipline

14 – Encourage fitness. Make exercising fun! 

15 – Make a peaceful home your priority. 

16 – Assign them chores. Give them various ways to practice responsibility. 

17 – Try not to focus your attention too much on their intelligence. Make sure you focus more on praising their character. 

18 – Discourage a lot of screen time. Too much time on electronics can make your child sluggish and make them have difficulty falling asleep. It can also limit their creativity. 

19 – Don’t shield them. (Overprotective

20 – Don’t be a push-over 

The Secret To Raising Smart Kids: 20 Things You Can Do

After my children and I put these things into practice, we saw major improvements in their self-esteem, behavior and listening.

I’m confident that if you put these twenty things into practice (or even just a few of them) you’ll see drastic improvements in your children, and in your home within just a few weeks! 

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