Struggles Children Of Narcissistic Parents Face In Adulthood

It’s daunting when you’re still under the clutches of your parent. You were never taught how important your needs and desires are, only that they should be placed on the back burner. 

Narcissistic parents are a special breed that can completely strip the autonomy and independence of their children and their parents and spouses.

Narcissists are people that display a great sense of self and grandiosity along with superficial superiority. 

When a narcissist becomes a parent, they turn into a whole other kettle of fish. They view their offspring as an extension of themselves which they can live through.

Everything about their child needs to be controlled, altered, manipulated, and changed to suit their desires and needs.

When children of narcissistic parents grow up, they often fear what life might bring, and because they were conditioned to submit, this might be the only thing they do.

Struggles many adults of narcissistic parents have.

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Struggles Children Of Narcissistic Parents Face In Adulthood 

Becoming a people pleaser

Because they’ve experienced unpredictable anger outbursts and attacks from their parent and even emotional manipulation, they would do anything to avoid experiencing this again, even if it means bending backward for almost everyone.

The psychological trauma of dealing with a narcissistic parent and being on the receiving end of their rage and unpredictable scrutiny can turn many of these kids into adults who are willing to be co-dependent.

Constantly doubting themselves

Through the process of manipulation, they’ve been through many days of their parents gaslighting them and making them second guess everything they did and said. 

Children of narcissistic parents were taught to silence their inner voice completely. Because of all this, they don’t trust their instincts.

Always feeling guilty when succeeding and taking up the spotlight

This is most definitely because this was reserved for their parents and their parents alone. Their achievements were never theirs to celebrate. 

So when an adult of a narcissistic parent is being celebrated, it’s something extremely foreign which they feel they shouldn’t be taking credit for. 

Having anxious attachment styles

One of the most unfortunate things that happen when you were raised by a narcissistic parent is developing an unhealthy attachment style. 

As adults, they become easily attached to another person. This, unfortunately, leads many adults with narcissistic parents to end up repeating the process.

Having this attachment style will automatically draw you to emotionally and mentally abusive people. Many adult children of narcissistic parents end up repeating the cycle of abuse because it’s all they know.

They always feel worthless and broken

Survivors of narcissistic parents will always carry shame, helplessness, and worthlessness with them. They will naturally dissociate during stressful times and always blame themselves for what they went through and might still be going through.

Their inner critic is on overdrive and will find a fault in every behavior and action because they were never perfect enough to begin with.

Being an adult child of a narcissistic parent can do so much psychological damage that you end up feeling defective and like a burden, even to yourself. 

The critical thing to remember is that you have a natural built-in “superpower,” which detects manipulation, threats, and environmental changes before anyone else does. 

All you have to do is trust the little voice in your head that you’ve learned to silence and overlook so well. You were a psychologist, detective, and FBI agent before you turned 10.

You learned how to read micro-expressions like a pro, the variation in the tone of someone’s voice before they even greet you, and the non-verbal body language many are unable to see. All you have to do is trust yourself.

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