Spiritual Narcissism

How To Conquer Spiritual Narcissism

How To Conquer Spiritual Narcissism

When Gawd is supposedly on their side, who can be against them?

Spiritual narcissism is easily one of the worst forms of narcissism that one can ever come across because these people will blatantly use virtue in their own favor.

These people can be Priest who rape little boys and blame it on the devil.

It can be the pastors who are having affairs and blame it on the devil.

It can be the partner we are with who gets caught in a lie and…you guessed it, blame it on the devil.

When someone they do not like succeeds in a goal, it is because those people sold their souls to the devil.

When a girl is prettier than them, it is because Gawd has given them (the spiritual narcissist) a pretty heart, and the devil gave the other girl a pretty face; the whores.

If a man is powerful and successful, it is because he has demons doing his bidding for him. And if they (the spiritual narcissist) are poor and unsuccessful, it is because Gawd favors the down-trodden.

These people use religion and spirituality to get away with all their nasty antics.

They use it to justify their anger, jealousy, envy, and resentment for others.

Much like a small child will shift the blame on their imaginary friend or someone else so as not to get in trouble or take accountability for their actions, so too will they blame the devil so as not to take accountability.

In this article, I want show you how to conquer spiritual narcissism for those who use religion against us.

Now, I am on the side of being a skeptic, and I don’t necessarily believe in higher powers or higher beings.

That does not mean they do not exist, and if they do exist, I doubt “me” not believing will take away from their existence.

I don’t believe pineapple goes on pizza, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that that is a thing, and is a thing for many people.

I am an agnostic atheist, and I am writing about how to shut down the spiritual narcissist’s hypocrisy; not on prayers you can say or holy water that you can bless around your house.

But by keeping your own morals and virtues strong you can keep these people at bay.

This article is strictly about shutting down the hypocrisy of these people who use Gawd’s name to get away with so much evil.

How To Conquer Spiritual Narcissism

Spiritual Narcissism

Now, I am not above my own faults and errs. I am only human and I have my desires and temptations as well.

When I do wrong, I try my best to reconcile with those I have done wrong; those I feel I have unjustly attacked.

But this is not the case for the spiritual narcissist. These people are NEVER WRONG, and they are NEVER wrong because they have Gawd on their side.

Every bad thing that happens because of their action is due to the devil twisting their words, moving things magically, or in this case, spiritually, entering their bodies to commit these bad deeds.

“I had sex with that person because the demon entered my body to get down, dirty and nasty with them. I’m a good, holy gawd-fearing person and would never do that.”

Or they blame the ghosts or demons when they are just being the vile nasty un-evolved people they are.

These people are a JOKE.

And the sad thing is that they have so much dominance and prestige in society.

Churches are buying up land, TAX FREE to build megachurches to praise gawd while they also get rich.

And the followers, believers, who can barely pay their rent need to keep on paying tithes each Sunday because, “Gawd will find away, just make sure you fill the pastor’s pockets…ummm…I mean, keep Gawd’s house open to the public.”


What Is Spiritual Narcissism?

Spiritual Narcissism

This is the type of narcissist who will act as if they are extremely religious or spiritual. They can be of any faith, or of any spiritual belief. And they are the ones who twist spirituality and religion around and don’t exactly give either a good name.

The Mind Journal

This type of narcissism can lead to something called spiritual abuse and by none other than your damn family.

These religious households will beat their kids senselessly for looking at that girl with lustful eyes or beat their daughter for not wearing appropriate clothes.

These are these NUTJOBS…YES, NUT-JOBS, who will kill their own kids because they chose to leave the faith.

Kind of like a gang.

“Nobody leave us muthaf*ckha!”

And don’t come at me with, it’s their culture.

A few hundred years ago, it was many cultures’ mindset to have slaves. NO ONE TODAY, at least most people do not think that it is okay in today’s society it is okay to have slaves.

Oh, how blessed the holy father in the sky is to accept these people for killing their own kids for…my dear gawd in heaven, not believing in the Big Pappa Daddy in the sky.

How blessed are these nutjobs…ummm, these holy people.

Now, I know the sarcasm may be a bit of a turn-off, but look at it from an objective vantage point because this is how you will learn to deal with these narcissistic nutjobs.

In what moral realm does it make sense for anyone to beat, torture and kill their own kids because of a lack of a belief?

This is not only physical abuse but psychological abuse that can have a myriad of mental health issues later on, and it does for many people.

My Own “Testimony”

I use to go to sleep as a young child, terrified the world would end and that I would burn in hell forever because, I was not a good person all of the time (as if that is even a thing).

I use to pray to Gawd, not out of love or appreciation but out of fear or punishment.

This is NO different from how an abusive relationship is, and spiritual narcissists use the fear of Gawd and hell to control their victims.

God, if there is a Gawd and a devil, narcissists truly are demons sent here on earth to torment people and by using virtue of all things to do it.

That is sick and twisted.

How To Deal With These Spiritual Narcissist ~ We Are Not Sinners

Spiritual narcissists use morals and virtues to try and control us. They make us seem like we are the sinners, that all that we do is bad, selfish and that if we are not doing it for Gawd (them), it is not righteous.

How we deal with these people and how we conquer their snobbishness is by not fearing that we are not good people.

For many of us, especially empaths, we have such a strong desire to want to be good people. Hurting others and being the reasons why others suffer is like a gut punch to the stomach.

To a narcissist, knowing they are the reason others suffer gives them pleasure, but for us, knowing we are the reason others suffer hurts.

The spiritual narcissist knows this and will use religion to control you/us.

You must learn how not to care what they say or think.

It is not what others think of you that matters, but what you know of yourself that matters. Click To Tweet

Knowing that you do your very best to be a decent person, you take away their power to control you morally.

If there is a God, then he alone is the only one who has the right and POWER to judge any of us.

No one else has that power, unless we give it to them.

“Let he without sin cast the first stone.”

No One Is Flawless

No one on earth is without their flaws. But what is very troubling is the idea of a person never wanting to confront their flaws.

What is troubling is the person who wants to sweep everything that they do bad under the rug or blame it on the devil instead of just being an adult and a righteous person and admitting, “I did that, and that was wrong. I apologize.”

Anyone to use the devil or demons or ghosts to blame shift their actions and deeds is a clear sign of their own moral accountability.

“Faith WITHOUT WORKS is dead.”

So what they go out and praise and holler Jesus’s name and dance around the church singing and hollering “How I love Jesus.”

Jesus himself said, “those who go out saying Lord, Lord, are not going to get to heaven.”

What are they doing when NO ONE is watching?

Think to yourself, are these people’s opinions of you worth it?

Do you think, if there is a Gawd and that if Gawd is RIGHTEOUS, he’d let people like them in heaven or that he’d believe their words over the words of a person who is honest with themselves?

Do not let the spiritual narcissist control you morally.

You know who you are, and as long as you feel regret for the things you do and try and reconcile and fix the wrongs you have done to others, YOU ARE NOT AS BAD AS THEY SAY YOU ARE.

Do not let them convince you you are a sinner. We are ALL going through this experience called life with no blueprint on how to navigate it. We are trying our very best to take it one day at a time.

There are no manuscripts, and please…the Bible, and many of these other Holy books (The Quran) are so contradictory.

Gawd: Moses, here are the 10 commandments you must follow.

Moses: Okay Big guy!

Gawd: Thou shall not murder.

Moses: Okay Big G!

Gawd: Moses go forth with your army and slaughter these people, young and old and take their land. It’s okay because…GAWD!!!!!!

The Quran and Prophet

The last prophet and such a holy man who lived such a sacred life; consummated (had SEX) with a 9-year-old girl when he was 50+ years of age.

How holy!

We Are Not Sinner

Spiritual Narcissism

We are not sinners, and we need NOT be sacrificial lambs to these nutjobs. Do not accept their lies about you because they are trying to control you morally.

If you regret, feel shame, and apologize for the wrongs you have done, you are much more noble and righteous than they will ever be.

Remember that.

You are a Good, a bit naive (as we all are), HUMAN BEING!

And “bless you” 😉 for being that because heaven knows the world is lacking good people.

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