Signs Your Ex Is Miserable

25 Signs Your Ex Is Miserable That You Left Them

If you are looking for Signs Your Ex Is Miserable That You Left Them, then look no further.

In this article, I outline the signs that your ex is miserable that you left.

Now, it is very important to know that, not all exes can change for the better. If you left them remind yourself WHY YOU DID.

Sometimes love is not always the cure to heal all wounds.

25 Signs Your Ex Is Miserable That You Left Them

Signs Your Ex Is Miserable
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1 – They Will Bad Mouth You To EveryoneSmear campaigns are not uncommon!

2 – They Brags About His New Lover – The new lover is most often just a new supply to get under your skin.

3 – They Will Talk Badly About Your New Partner – Stalking and keeping tabs on your relationship is not uncommon! That is why it is important to block them on all social media platform!

4 – They Are Obsessed With Your Love Life – They have no problem keeping tabs on your love life. Flying monkeys and lackeys are usually the way they get their Intel on your love life!

5 – They Will Start Using Drugs – Sometimes some people cannot bear to be abandoned and need something to numb the pain!

6 – They Become Depressed

7 – They Start Conflicts With Other People – Starting fights and arguments with other people is not uncommon. They need to vent and let out their rage of you leaving them!

8 – They Are Envious OF Your Success – “The greatest revenge is massive success” – Frank Sinatra

9 – Their Weight Can Take a Dramatic Turn – Your ex may either put on weight or lose a lot of weight!

10 – They Pretend To Be Very Happy On Social Media – Don’t believe what you see on social media!

11 – They May Call You When They Are DrunkBLOCK THEIR NUMBER or CHANGE YOUR NUMBER!

12 – They Won’t Leave Their House

13 – They Live A Goalless Life – Wasting away doing nothing productive with their lives!

14 – They Will Keep Your Stuff – Wanting to forever keep a small part of you with them!

15 – They Blame You For The Relationship Failing

16 – They Will Ask About You Through Third Parties

17 – They Tell You They Are Miserable After The Breakup

18 – They Will Find An Excuse To Meet You

19 – They Are Now Alcoholics

20 – They Are Dating Down – They will date anyone who shows them the little bit of interest!

21 – They Are Single and Upset

22 – You Broke Up On Bad Terms and hey Can’t Let That Go

23 – They Try and Shame You

24 – They Breadcrumb You

25 – They Tell You They Hate You

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