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When People Can’t Appreciate Your Rich Presence…

Being in a relationship can be one of the best experiences that we can ever have in life! Unfortunately there are many people who cannot appreciate our rich presence!

There are many toxic people who thrive on devaluing who we are for their own pleasure.

When People Can’t Appreciate Your Rich Presence…

Rich Presence
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What you need to learn how to do is to, then, give them…YOUR ABSENCE!

If being around them will only bring out the worst in them, and “force” (note the quotations) them to be cruel to you, those are clear signs that you are not wanted.

If you “really” are such the bad person in their lives, walk out of their lives!

And tell them, you just want them to be…Happier!

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Stop Putting Up With People Who Cannot Value You

There are many people who will love having you in their presence, stop fighting for people who cannot value you and appreciate your rich presence!

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