Residual Resentment

Residual Resentment: Why Getting Back With The Narcissist Is A Bad Thing

Residual Resentment: Why Getting Back With The Narcissist Is A Bad Thing

So, the narcissist in your life has apologized, cried, and begged for you to take them back in your life, and being the naive empath that you are (as we all have been in the past), you decide to give them a second chance.

“We are all only human and we all make mistakes, right?”

This is usually the voice of empathy that many of us have, and which often times allow these monsters, these parasites, to come strolling right back into our lives again and really leave a negative mark the second time around.

For many naive empaths, and I mean this with respect (to be naive just means to be innocently ignorant, it’s not an attack), they immediately take the narcissist back because they see them as hurt and misunderstood souls.

How do I know?

Because I use to be a naive empath, and I use to allow these monsters back into my life after they apologized or started to cry when I would leave.

And I would notice that after taking these monsters back, there would be a wave of anger for me shortly after.

A wave of anger for not taking them back, but for making them apologize and show how weak they really are.

In this article, I want to explain what residual resentment is and why we must NEVER EVER take these monsters back into our lives. Once we have kicked them out, SHUT AND LOCK THE DOOR.

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Residual Resentment: Why Getting Back With The Narcissist Is A Bad Thing

Residual Resentment

What is residual resentment, you may be wondering?

Residual resentment is a lingering resentful feeling/thought that hangs on after an event has happened.

For example, being when a narcissist apologizes for a wrong they do and cry and beg us to take them back, and we do.

With a rational SANE person, they’d see the errors of their ways and then try and make things right by being a better person.

But with a narcissist, the residual resentment that manifests in their hearts and minds happens because they, one, feel like they had to apologize and this in their lunatic minds means that they have to admit they are bad people, something they don’t like to admit.

Second, apologizing and crying shows us how weak they are, and they HATE to reveal how weak and needy they truly are, the LOSERS they are.

So, now this resentment will linger on after they have apologized to us because, in their minds, they have revealed to us how important we are to them and have shown us how much power we have over them.

They want to have power over us, and for them to apologize and beg us to take them back only shows them their own reality of what and who they are.

This resentment will linger and fester in their hearts and will manifest into something dangerously nasty later on.

They will try and sabotage us, they will try and hurt us, and they may even take it a step further and try and off us because of the residual resentment that builds up and clouds their limited judgment.

Why You Must NOT Take The Narcissist Back

Getting back with the narcissist is like handing a gun to your murderer when they throw it, and you are still alive.

It is you saying, “Hey, I know you tried to shoot me in the head, but your first bullet grazed my skull; here you go, (hand them the gun again) try it again, this time at closer proximity.”

No sane person would ever do something like this.

And you have to see that letting the narcissist back in your life after they have cried and apologize is not going to end well for you.

The fact that they think you MADE THEM show their weakness will cause them to have massive amounts of hatred for you.

And I promise you, they will, from the moment you say, “I understand and will take you back,” do everything they can to bring you crashing burning down.

They have no reason or empathy, and they will work day and night to destroy your life.

Whatever you do, never take them back.

Ghost them if you have to, and do not let any stupid enablers tell you you are acting like them.

YOU ARE SAVING YOUR LIFE AND SANITY by moving on from these nutjobs.

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