What You Need To Know About Raising Special Kids With Needs

What You Need To Know About Raising Special Kids With Needs

Written By: Brittany Lewis

There’s nothing that can prepare you for raising a child with special needs. You spend most of your time as their parent fighting for their services, and it can be so easy to become so swept up in that fight that you forget to enjoy the moments as they are given to you.

Every milestone that a child reaches is and should be celebrated by their family members. Still, when you have a child with a disability, those milestones are often celebrated on a much higher level.

This has been hard for my family significantly. I, personally, am a single mother of two. My youngest child has autism, and my youngest child is intellectually gifted. I feel very often as though I’m treading water, just barely able to keep my head above the surface.

It’s a balancing act between fighting for my son’s services and spending time with him and trying to be sure that I can offer my daughter the kind of support and encouragement that she needs to flourish and be successful and reach her highest potential.

Being blessed with a higher intellect than her peers, her life faces its own very unique challenges.

What You Need To Know About Raising Special Kids With Needs

Raising Special Kids
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It’s a challenging topic to discuss. Many adults have difficulty understanding the challenges of a special needs parent, much less trying to explain this to a child.

I try to have open conversations and explain the things that are going on to my children, but I know several parents who refuse to be using these sorts of topics up with kids.

The early part of my son’s life, the first few years, were the hardest. My son was considered very severe when he was young before he was diagnosed, and we got set up with services.

I spent a lot of my time reading and educating myself on autism and sensory processing disorder. I learned that there are quite a few similarities between autism and down’s syndrome.

As I continued to educate myself, I began trying to educate those around me, other family members, and some of our close friends. I learned how important it is to have a set routine, and how being able to communicate could alleviate so much stress.

My son started using sign language to communicate, and once we were able to understand him and speak with him, many of his malicious or harmful behaviors stopped. His frustration level went down significantly, and so did my stress level as a parent.

The most significant things that I encourage any parent of a special needs child to do are to educate themselves as much as possible on any topic that relates to their child and learn to communicate in any way that you can.

It’s also extremely important to take time for yourself every day if you can. Some days you will not be able to do this, but you should try.

It would help if you made it a goal to take time for yourself for at least twenty minutes a day to breathe. Make sure you eat a good meal, take a bath if you can.

Anything that you can do to refocus your mind and release some of your stress will help. As a parent, this is probably the number one thing you can do to help your family.

It would be best if you were sure that you are taking good care of yourself to take good care of the people that are depending on you.

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