Plus Size Cosplay Costume for

10+ Plus Size Cosplay Costume for Halloween

Shopping for the best cosplay costume for Halloween is, undoubtedly, the best part of Halloween. 

However, finding the best plus-size Halloween costume can be a huge nightmare. 

Consider that most of the women modeling for these costumes aren’t always accurate representations of all the body types.

Today, we have rounded-up all the cutest, plus-size cosplay Halloween costumes that will look great on you. 

The good news is that the fashion industry is striving to ensure it is more inclusive. Below are the top 10 plus-size women cosplay costumes this Halloween.

10+ Plus Size Cosplay Costume for Halloween

1. Mad Hatter

Do you love ‘Alice in Wonderland?’ the Mad Hatter Halloween costume is super-colorful, sexy, and unique. You will be the center of attention at any Halloween bash you attend.

Get yours here 👉 Mad Hatter

2. Spellcaster

The Harry Potter ‘Spellcaster’ Halloween costume will have you looking like a stunning Hogwarts student. It is the perfect choice for plus-size women looking to have a magical Halloween experience.

Get yours here 👉 Spellcaster

3. Pirate

The classic old pirate look always brings out the curvy look for plus-size women. You also get to accessorize with a pirate hat, boots, and a sword.

Get yours here 👉 Pirate

4. Evil Queen

Have you wanted to experience being a villain in your story? Well, the Evil Queen Halloween costume brings you a masterpiece that includes a crown headpiece. This is a classic BBW cosplay Halloween costume that you have to try.’

Get yours here 👉 Evil Queen

5. Angel

Is your partner going to the Halloween party as a devil? Well, this magnificent Angel Halloween costume will get you matching points.

Get yours here 👉 Angel

6. Devil

The Red Devil Halloween costume is a classic look that gets you a lot of customization options. Note that you can make several adjustments to suit your needs. C’mon, you’re the devil! And anything goes.

Get yours here 👉 Devil

7. Flapper

The Flapper Halloween costume is a great look when you want to attract the entire party’s attention. It includes a swingy fringe that will ensure you keep dancing and looking sexy.

Get yours here 👉 Flapper

8. Belle

The Belle Halloween costume is designed for plus-size women who love animated originals. You get the chance to get lost in one of the most magical ‘Beauty and the Beast’ live-action remakes.

Get yours here 👉 Belle

9. Flight Attendant

Why don’t we get lost in an aircraft this Halloween season? The flight attendant costume will have you looking super sexy.

Get yours here 👉 Flight Attendant

10. Sailor

Nothing says sexy and confident than the Sailor plus-size Halloween costume. This Halloween dress is cute enough for other days apart from Halloween.

Get yours here 👉 Sailor


When looking for the best plus-size cosplay ideas, you must find something that makes you feel confident. 

Use whatever makes you feel like the queen you are on this Halloween. 

The good news is that your body size can pull off any cosplay costume idea that comes to mind.

Make several adjustments to your Halloween costume to give you a unique appearance. 

Do not be afraid to try out new costume ideas during this Halloween period. 

Remember to accessorize for a more long-lasting impression when you go to that Halloween party.

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