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3 Major Focuses of Recovery For Optimized Mental Health

3 Major Focuses of Recovery For Optimized Mental Health

Focus on the Individual

The focus of recovery should be on the person or the individual and not the process of treatment. There is a constant shift in the manners by which people suffering from psychological disorders are being treated.

During the past centuries, due partly to the drive to establish more reliable and effective treatment methods, most mental health professionals fail to focus on the process occurring in a patient, the changes he is undergoing throughout the treatment, and the associated improvements in the treatment.

Instead, the common point for most practitioners is the process of the treatment itself- whether or not one treatment is more effective than the other or whether or not a specific therapy could work for all patients.

It is good that mental illnesses are viewed now from the sufferer’s perspective rather than the technicalities of the treatment or therapy. Individuals have various presentations of a mental disorder.

Thus needing individualized forms of recovery treatments that are curtailed to the person’s preferences, unique characteristics such as resiliency, strengths and weaknesses, cultural background, and experiences.

Focus on the Community

It should be grounded on peer support. External support is invaluable in the process of recovery. It knows that other people, like the patient, also struggle to achieve the state of well-being they want to achieve.

It helps them know that there are people who care for them, who want to see them gain back their lives and share the same sufferings as they do.

A mental health support group should guide and enlighten the patients with the reality of the psychological disorder.

This also provides the mutual support needed to gain skills and knowledge on the disorder, which is a contributory factor towards improvement.

Focus on Issues Surrounding Mental Wellness

It should be well-directed. A direction set by both the mental health providers and the patient should be prepared during the initial stage of recovery. The patient determines the pace of healing while the mental health professional facilitates the direction.

It should be non-linear – This perspective adheres to the belief that a recovery process is both an end and a strategy. It is not the usual step-by-step process that has varying levels.

In mental health recovery, it is possible that a person who has already overcome the symptoms of a mental disorder could still be troubled by the relapse of the same symptoms.

It is, in fact, a trial-and-error process with the promise of development and usual setbacks.

It should be holistic. The concept of holism should be fully integrated into the process of recovery. Recovery from a mental disorder not only covers specific and separate issues like biological or psycho-social aspects of the disorder.

Instead, it affects a person extensively. Thus recovery should also focus on the micro as well as macro issues surrounding the disorder.

Lastly, the recovery process should be empowered by hope matched by the motivation and willingness to break free from mental illness.

This could only be achieved when all individual factors the perspective of the individual and the direction he is taking, the support of external groups such as the family and peers, and the right frame of mind.

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