New Relationship Advice Tips

New Relationship Advice Tips: Never Fight For A Toxic Person’s Love

Are you looking for new relationship advice tips that go against the myriad of bad relationship advice out there? Take notes because this is the article for you.

We all have a desire and, dare I say, a need to be loved, understood, and accepted.

Love is a fantastic emotion and to be loved is one of the greatest feelings alive.

However, love, when it is experienced at a mutual level, is what should be aspired after.

Fighting for someone’s love is not what healthy relationships are about.

Unfortunately, you have many people who argue vehemently for this idea that you have to fight for the one you love.

And I wholly disagree with this idea and this argument.

In this article, I want to offer a few New Relationship Advice Tips that you may not have heard of before and think you should consider thinking about.

Not everyone in life seeks to love others; they just are looking for people to live them and do so with unconditional love.

These people are toxic, narcissistic people, and just plain up straight evil people.

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New Relationship Advice Tips: Never Fight For A Toxic Person’s Love

1 – Good Relationship Advice ~ Stop Fighting For Someone To Love You

New Relationship Advice Tips

If a person loves you, they love you.  

They don’t need constant reassurance; they will not demand that you suffer because of them, and they will not require that you give up who you are fr them. 

How can you ever truly be loved if you give up you to become someone else that the partner wants? 

Who they love is not you but the image or appearance of someone that they want. 

It may be challenging to do, but you will need to end a relationship like this. There are plenty of other good people out there who will love you for you.

Never settle for someone who loves only what they tell you to be. 

You can’t make them love you, so don’t even try.

2 – Good Relationship Advice: Never Go Back To A Person Who Broke You

New Relationship Advice Tips

The person who broke you will not be the person who puts you back together.

Now, I know it can seem tempting to try and want to have closure with a person who cheated on you, who hurt you, who used you or may have abandoned you.

You want to understand why they did it, and you want them to understand how hurt you are.

But understand this, and absorb this message.

The person who broke you will not be able to put you back together because these people are broken themselves.

They broke you because they saw you as pristine, excellent, flawless and because you were that in their eyes, they had to destroy.

These people will not fix you because they want you broken, just like they are broken.

Misery loves company.

3 – Walk Away From Anyone Who Doesn’t Value You As A Person

Narcissists, toxic people, sociopaths, and psychopaths have difficulty understanding that people exist independently of them.

In their warped deranged minds, they genuinely believe that we are not human beings with our feelings, dreams, and goals.

To them, we are nothing more than tools, toys, games for them to use and play at their leisure.

Understand this; it is not a sign of defeat to walk away.

On the contrary, it is a sign of you having a massive amount of respect for yourself.

To stay and fight for them to love you and respect you is a waste of your time, and it only fuels their ego that, “Look at how much they need my respect and love.”

To walk away for someone who only puts you down is an excellent show of self-respect and self-love.

4 – Better Relationship Tips: Stop Giving People The Benefit Of The Doubt

New Relationship Advice Tips

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Fool me three times…”

There has to be a limit on how many times you will allow someone to lie to you, use you, cheat on you, and hurt you.

Screw their sob story about how bad their childhood was.

Forget about how bad their last marriage was.

YOU did not cause that, so why must you suffer as a result of it?

Giving toxic people the benefit of the doubt only makes them think they can get away with murder n your eyes, and you will still feel sorry for them.

Narcissistic and toxic people love people who give them the benefit of the doubt because they will take you for a ride.

It is too bad they had a bad life, but you are not the one who did it, so stop taking the blame for stuff you didn’t do.

You are their partner, NOT the parent.

If they keep using you and thinking you are stupid, MOVE ON and find someone else who will love you as an equal and a lover.

Never Fight For A Toxic Person’s Love

There are many nasty, cruel, vindictive, and evil people out in the world that having a relationship problem advice from a professional will not help fix anything.

There are some people out there who just want to destroy lives only for the sake of doing it.

There is no rhyme or reason to it; they just want to do it.

The idea of “fighting for love” is what has caused millions of people to stay in a narcissistic and toxic relationship for much longer than they should have.

People have lost years to decades of their lives trying to make things work.

Marriages went on for 20 to 40 years and left a partner a shell of their former selves.

If you will fight for love in this life, why not fight for your love?

Why not fight to have the best life you can?

Fighting for the love of toxic people will only rob you of having a happy life, and as mentioned, far too many people are doing this.

And they are losing so much of their lives.

The best relationship advice I can give you is to stop fighting for someone to love you…because they never will love you.

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