Narcissists and Holidays

Narcissists and Holidays: Why They Ruin Holidays

Narcissists and Holidays: Why These People Enjoy Ruining The Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a fun time. Family and friends gather together. Fellowship, food, and festivities are what is to expect with a holiday.

However, have you ever had a holiday with a narcissist?

These types of people are not the best type of people to spend your holiday with. Narcissists have a reputation for ruining holidays.

Narcissists’ holidays are never fun. You may be wondering why do narcissists ruin holidays. The main reason why narcissists ruin holidays has a lot to do with their makeup.

Narcissists and Holidays: Why These People Enjoy Ruining The Holidays

Narcissists and Holidays
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These people are very peculiar individuals. They are selfish. They are entitled. Typically, they possess very little concern or empathy for others. These people like to have all the attention on themselves.

Narcissists are not the ideal people to spend your holiday with. They will ruin the holiday because they care more about their needs and wants than being concerned about how a holiday is supposed to be about all people involved.

Narcissists and holidays do not mix. These two do not merely mix because a narcissist will in some way ruin the holiday. They may ruin the holiday by bickering or starting an argument with someone else.

They may ruin the holiday by starting drama. Sometimes narcissists do not have manners. They may mistreat others. Ultimately, the holiday will be destroyed because of their poor behavior.

Having healthy relationships is not something narcissists are known for being good at. So at a holiday gathering, they are highly likely to not get along with others.

They perhaps don’t even have a good relationship with the people they are around at the holiday gathering. These people will find some way to ruin the holiday.

They will not be amicable with the other people who will be attending the holiday gathering.

Narcissists and Holidays: Why These People Enjoy Ruining The Holidays

Narcissists’ holidays typically consist of anger, yelling, discord, selfishness, insecurities, and other attributes that accompany narcissism.

These people are problem starters and could potentially start drama even before the holiday festivities begin.

They will ruin a holiday if it is left up to them. They will make sure no one can enjoy the holiday if they are not happy.

They ruin holidays because they do not like to see others happy and enjoying themselves. They want to ruin holidays because they do not like days that are not about themselves.

They find pleasure in ruining moments and holidays for others because they are genuinely hurt individuals on the inside. It is custom for hurt people to hurt others.

It is hard to enjoy being with a narcissist on holiday. The typical things people do to celebrate a holiday will be challenging to experience when you are spending the holiday with a narcissist.

If you want to enjoy your holidays, then it is best to do so without a narcissist. Some of your family members, friends, or even lovers, may be a narcissist.

But leaving them out of your holiday plans may be the best option for you so you can have a good time on holiday.

Narcissists and Holidays.

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