Can A Narcissistic Mother Hate Her Daughter?

Can A Narcissistic Mother Hate Her Daughter? The sad, hard truth is…YES! A narcissistic mother can have an incredible amount of hatred for her daughter. 

To a narcissistic mother, her daughter is NOT someone they can teach, help to grow into their person, or instill in them wisdom and self-love. 

To a narcissistic mother, a daughter is nothing more than competition.

Narcissistic mothers are kidults. They are immature, irrational, emotionally stunted girls that pass off as women. 

They will cause a myriad of mental, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and even psychical abuse to their daughter ~ and do so out of spite that is unwarranted. 

They view their daughters as their property, and they can do whatever they want with them. 

If you find yourself dealing with a narcissistic mother, here are a few things you need to know and the things you must, at least, consider doing. 

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Can A Narcissistic Mother Hate Her Daughter?

Narcissistic Mothers And Jealousy

Narcissistic Mother

The narcissistic toxic mother is a jealous individual. Plain and simple.

Your success means that she is by proxy a failure, and she cannot live with that or accept that.

Jealousy is to her, what love is to a puppy from an ORDINARY person.

How To Deal With A Narcissistic Jealous Mother?

When dealing with a narcissistic jealous mother, the best thing to do is to keep your dreams and goals to yourself.

You must understand this about these people; they will work day and night to sabotage your dreams and goals in life. 

If you have a goal you are trying to accomplish, pr if you have a dream that you want to make a reality, DO NOT tell them or even hint to it, as they WILL work to sabotage you. 

As long as you are forced to live with them due to being young or down on your luck, keep your dreams to yourself and pursue them only after leaving them. 

Narcissistic Toxic Mothers And Possessiveness

Narcissistic Mother

Narcissistic Toxic Mother has an insatiable desire to possess their daughters. 

Not only by wanting to know every detail of what their daughters are doing, but they may also want to BE THEIR DAUGHTERS. 

It is not uncommon for these people to hang out with their daughter friends and even STEAL daughters’ boyfriends. 

They are childish, and it is essential to know that you are not dealing with a parent. 

How To Deal With A Narcissistic Toxic Possessive Mother?

Dealing with a Narcissistic Toxic Possessive Mother can be a bit demanding. 

And this is mostly because we view them as our providers, teachers, mentors, and above all else, the NUMBER ONE person we can look to for advice in life. 

To not have them be that and to be nothing more than a spoiled younger sister is crushing. 

So how to deal with someone like this is simply…WALKING OUT OF THEIR LIFE. 

Listen, No Contact is a powerful tool to keep your sanity in check. 

To stay with these people will only cause you countless nights of suffering and pain. 

They live only to suck all the good and beauty that is in you. 

Leaving them, and you may have some feeling of you betraying them (which you should not, maybe hard because they are your mom. 

But to be a mom and to be a mother are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. 

She will never love you the way that you love her, but once you free yourself from the toxic nightmare that is your narcissistic, toxic mom, you will find and discover love from others, but the most import, from yourself. 

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1 Comment

  1. Penelope Carrington says:

    My life story to a T.
    Half an hour after I phoned to tell her I was getting divorced and therefore could not go on the Christmas holiday we had planned, she climbed into my husband’s car and drove to Cape Town with him – an 8 hour drive. When she arrived at the destination, she What’sapped me to say they had a good trip. She was thinking of me. Lots of love. XXX.
    After they returned and I couldn’t face her, she smeared me to the rest of the family, saying I needed to go onto medication.
    She is still with my ex husband and has pitted my family and community against me.
    I have since gone no contact and moved continents.
    The only person who stood up for me was my son.
    I’m writing a book about my life story as a case study to help others wake up to this phenomenon before it’s too late.

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