Narcissistic Behavior Women Traits

7 Narcissistic Behavior Women Traits

7 Narcissistic Behavior Women Traits

Narcissism is one of the most challenging personality traits to deal with, as you are dealing with a self-centered person with little or no sense of empathy. 

The situation can be worse if the person in the picture is close to you. According to research, men are more likely to be narcissists compared to women. This makes it harder to identify related traits in women.

Wondering how to establish if a woman is a narcissist? Here are seven pointers to help you out.

7 Traits Of A Narcissistic Female

7 Narcissistic Behavior Women Traits

Narcissistic Behavior Women Traits
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1. Lack of Empathy ~ Narcissistic Behavior Women Traits

A common trait that narcissists portray is a lack of empathy. They do not care about what the other person feels because, well, it is not their problem. If your spouse or someone is close, this behavior can have you at loggerheads most of the time.

2. A Need for Admiration and Acceptance

There is also their need for admiration from their peers, which may go overboard to desperation levels. They need approval and be the center of attraction – you will be on their right side if you praise them every time. If you notice such behavior in a woman, then there is a high chance she is a narcissist.

3. Self-Centered ~ Narcissistic Behavior Women Traits

Another narcissistic behavior in women that you may notice is that they are selfish. The world revolves around them, and anything that does not benefit them directly is not worth their time. 

Their self-centered nature can reflect in their day to day mannerisms, such as spending too much time on the mirror or taking a load of selfies at a go.

4. Arrogance

A thing with narcissistic behavior women is that kindness hardly fits in their vocabulary. They are very arrogant, which they feel is simply being confident. They will step all over people and not even bat an eye to apologize.

5. Behavior On Social Media ~ Narcissistic Behavior Women Traits

Many people agree that social media is the hub for narcissists due to seeking approval from strangers. 

If they have an obsession with who follows them, who liked their uploads, and more, then there is a high chance you are dealing with a selfish person. 

If a slight disruption on their social media following unduly stresses them, you should seek professional help as it is one of the narcissistic behavior women traits.

6. An Elevated Sense Of Entitlement

The world is theirs, and they won’t share it with anyone. This is a vibe you will get from a woman swimming in narcissism if you are dating her; you have to lift your weight to impress her; otherwise, it is arguments after arguments.

7. Gaslighting

In the extreme forms of narcissism, especially when dating, you may be a victim of gaslighting

In such a situation, the lady will manipulate you emotionally to a point where you question your sanity. 

For example, if she is wrong, she will manipulate you to take the blame to the point of doubting yourself.

Final Remark

Narcissism is pure selfishness, and most of the time, it hurts those around the person with these traits. 

Highlighted are some of the narcissistic behavior women traits you should look for if you suspect such a case. 

Understanding that the lady has this condition will help you understand her better.

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