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Narcissistic Behavior In Kids ~ 5 Ways To Change Their Behavior

This article is about narcissistic behavior in kids with the intent to offer a few advice on how you can change their negative behavior.

Note, I am not a therapist, NOR am I talking about kids that have NPD. I am talking about narcissistic behaviors that can be picked up!

And just as they can be picked up, so too can they be set down!

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Note: This article includes affiliate links!

Narcissistic Behavior In Kids ~ 5 Ways To Change Their Behavior

Narcissistic Behavior In Kids
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1 – Therapy (Curb Their Bad Behavior Early On)

Right off the bat, and I know many may not like this option, is therapy! Therapy is such an amazing option, as therapist will be able to uncover and unravel that which your child is trying to hide/or conceal!

Therapy is NOT for “case jobs” (to put it kindly), but more so for helping people better understand why they feel and behave in a certain way!

Kids need people to whom they can talk to, to help guide them on a better path — and therapy may be just what your kid needs!

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2 – Foster Empathy In Them

It is important to teach your kids how to have empathy. For some people empathy just comes natural, for others they must learn it!

3 – Do Activities That Unite You and Them

Nothing brings people closer together than engaging in activities! We see it in sports, we see it in work projects, and we see it in group events.

We are social animals after all, and being able to engage in activities is a great way to unite and come closer.


  • Joining a family event
  • Going hiking
  • Playing video-games with them (weird, but we have to adapt with the times)

4 – Give Them Space

Sometimes, they just need time alone. Kids are not emotionally intelligent enough to understand their feelings, thoughts and actions.

I am NOT advocating that you ignore your kids, but let them know that when they do act out, certain actions will not be acknowledged or tolerated!

5 – Know That Divorce Can Cause Negative Behavior

Lastly, this may be of no fault of your own, but divorces can really mess up a kid in many ways!

If you have divorced this may very well be a reason as to why your kid has become more hostile and detached from you!

Again this is NOT blame shifting, but it is important to know this could be a reason!

This is more the reason as to why you SHOULD consider therapy!

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