Myths About Narcissism

Myths About Narcissism

Almost everyone knows what a narcissist is and often prays they don’t encounter one. Narcissists are frightening for a good reason. Nobody wants to be forced to submit to another just because they believe they deserve to be in an authoritative position.

For those who don’t know what a narcissist is, a narcissist is a person that lacks empathy and would do anything to get what they want, even walk over their mother. They’re self-absorbed people who feel they deserve praise from everyone. 

Narcissists are people who believe they’re unique and live in a fantasy world where they think everybody admires them.

Like with everything condition in the textbook, a narcissist personality disorder is no exception to myths. Many myths make family members and recovering narcissists lose hope.

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Myths About Narcissism

The most common myths about Narcissists are:

Narcissistic people received too much attention as a child

Truth be told, narcissistic people have often developed unhealthy traits because they weren’t given enough attention or acknowledged as a child. Growing up feeling worthless and with low self-esteem are more likely to seek this out from anybody possible.

All narcissistic people are the same

This is far from the truth. There are specific diagnostic criteria for a narcissist. There are also four types of narcissists that one could encounter. 

One less or more dangerous and overwhelming than the other. Every person has a different set of symptoms, and the same goes for the severity. To each, their own.

Narcissists are unable to form relationships

False! For a narcissist to have actual power over someone, they’ll need to have a relationship with them. 

Though the relationship might not be a typical intimate relationship, a narcissist’s only fault is allowing someone deep enough to understand their psyche.

A narcissist will always remain a narcissist

Ever heard of the term “recovering addict?” well, you get recovering narcissists as well (but I would advise to NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH)

When in a long-term relationship, a narcissist could learn valuable life skills that lead them to self-acceptance and learning to be empathetic toward themselves. This will automatically reflect outwards too.

Narcissist all believe they’re superior to everyone

Did you know that if someone feels extremely insecure, they could overcompensate by behaving very grandiose manner? 

This is the same with narcissists; many are covering up the fact that they feel inferior to most people.

There’s nothing healthy about being a narcissist

Narcissists have a great sense of self-confidence that manner could adopt. They’re also self-centered, which some could adopt. 

Most of the traits of a narcissist should be adopted in moderation to not be a walkover in life and move forward in our careers.

So, narcissism can be a bit healthy. We’re all a little narcissistic.

Myths are mostly there to jade people’s vision, possibly even through them off from what the actual truth is. Though, many of these myths have only been adopted and believed in recent years.

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