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My Kids Are My World: Why I Love Being A Mom

Parenthood can be very quickly described as the most stressful fun you will ever have. Despite the hardship that so often goes along with it, I wouldn’t trade being a parent for anything in the world.

My children push me past my limits, but in the best way imaginable. While I was teaching them their letters, numbers, colors, and shapes, they taught me how to be slow to anger and give me daily lessons in time management, humility, and teaching me what it means to be courageous.

I’ve been a parent almost all of my adult life. My children have faced adversity with me many different times and in many different ways.

From chronic illness to neurological disorders to living through a natural disaster and trying to deal with mental health issues, my children have seen, been through, endured, and overcome every obstacle put in their path thus far.

My Kids Are My World: Why I Love Being A Mom

My Kids Are My World
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Just over two years ago, my family and I evacuated our house because a hurricane was coming. No one could have predicted the level of devastation that occurred to our city when this storm hit.

We were only planning to evacuate for a couple of days, but that ended up turning into the start of the worst and most difficult two years of our lives.

We ended up being homeless for about seven weeks. Almost our entire ceiling at our house caved in.

Thankfully, my children’s ceilings didn’t, so most of their belongings remained in good condition, but almost all of my belongings were gone, and worse than losing all of your material possessions was losing the false sense of security that our home provided us with for so long.

We stayed at hotels and with various family members during those seven long weeks before we finally found a new home.

My Kids Are My World: Why I Love Being A Mom

My Kids Are My World
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Then, three weeks after moving into that house, my ex-husband and I separated, and a very lengthy divorce process began. Not too long after that, I found out the house we were renting was foreclosing, and we had to move yet again.

Not very many people understand how hard it is to rebuild your life from the ground up completely.

Not only did my children have to face losing their home, but they also had to deal with friendships being lost after we moved, saying goodbye to one of our family dogs, and dealing with all of the negative, very confusing, and too overwhelming emotions that go along with having to go through the divorce of your parents.

They still think that I’m the pillar of support for the family because they don’t yet understand how vital, strong, brave, and capable they are.

I owe everything that I am to them. Everyone needs a lighthouse in a storm, and I was lucky enough to be blessed with two of them! Despite everything they’ve gone through, they’re still some of the happiest, kindest, loving children I have ever met.

Don’t get me wrong, parenting is hard, and some days being a single mother of multiple children is downright terrifying, but all the challenges that come with that are worth it.

The anguish and woes of the day always seem to disappear when I am so incredibly blessed to be able to snuggle and sing them to sleep every night.

Remember, joy comes in the morning.

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