Living With A Narcissist Survival Tips

Living With A Narcissist Survival Tips

Narcissistic people can scare anybody. They have the power to manipulate you and break you down to a point until you believe that they’re the only person that can save you.

They are masters of gaslighting (Download my free eBook “Are You being Gaslit?”)

Narcissists thrive on weakening as many people as they can to get what they desire. 

The real problem begins when you’re stuck with no way out, and your only option is to stay. 

Financial abuse is a REAL THING that goes under-reported.

If you’re living with a narcissist, chances are you’re no longer autonomous, independent and confident in yourself.

Narcissistic people break down their loved ones; whether it’s a partner, child, spouse, or parent, they must have complete control and call the shots. 

They’re able to destabilize even the strongest person with their “amazing” manipulative and exploitative nature (Download my free eBook above to learn about gaslighting; YOU ARE NOT THE CRAZY ONE).

Learning to live with someone who scares you because they demand authority and instill fear in you with threats can be stressful and tough. 

Experts give a few suggestions; these survival tips have been tried by thousands of people in similar situations.

Living With A Narcissist Survival Tips

Living With A Narcissist Survival Tips

Study them thoroughly

There’s something powerful about being compliant and meek. Though these might seem like undesirable traits, these are your biggest strengths. 

By being compliant and meek, you’ll get to see all of their sides. By being compliant, you’ll be able to spot their weakness and discover their behavioral patterns and how they function. 

Call them out

If your relationship is valued and trusted by your narcissist, they indeed know that they’re one; call them out. 

However, this should be done in a non-sarcastic way and seemingly concerning. 

If they know they’re a narcissist, they’re most likely proud of it and might even take your comment as caring.

Recognized the cycle of abuse

Though you might not like to admit it, you’re emotionally and mentally abused by your fellow narcissistic loved one. The narcissistic cycle is as follows:

  • Feeling threatened
  • Resorting to abuse others
  • Becoming and being the victim
  • Feeling empowered

Learning how to identify these steps will allow you to stop this cycle from happening.

Play a game

Play the game that the narcissist is playing. Though they might ask you questions, they’re rarely ever listening to the answer and will almost always interrupt and talk about themselves. Time them calmly and do the same.

Feed their ego

This might seem counter-productive, but it’s not. By complimenting them, you’re disarming their anger and temper little by little each time. This will slowly diminish their rage, and you’ll feel a lot more at ease.

Avoid being embarrassed

Be loyal to them in public and stand by them. The one thing they’ll appreciate the most is loyalty; this is especially true when they’re being humiliated. Not only will this make them trust you more, but it’ll allow them to let their guard down.  

Look for the good

This is probably a tough one to do, but trying to find the good in a bad situation will allow you to feel much better and calmer. 

Maybe they clean up good, or they’re always ensuring that everything is in place and that everything is safe. 

Simple things could make the most significant difference; one good thing to hold onto will allow you to survive a little better.

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