Knowing The Signs Of A Dangerous Relationship

Unfortunately, these days there seem to be more and more relationships that turn dangerous.

It might be that more relationships are violent, or perhaps it is just that we hear about them more these days than we did in the past.

Years ago, a woman was too scared to mention if she was in an abusive relationship, and women are often scared even today to mention it.

But as there more and more help to become available for abused women, more women are managing to get out of their bad relationship and find help.

There is often some shame attached to being in an abusive relationship, as many women will believe that it is somehow their fault.

Years ago, more women believed that when you got married, it was until death do you part, for better or worse, so there was no possibility of considering leaving the marriage even if it was abusive.

Many women have and still do suffer in silence when they live with an abusive husband.

Many women today remain in abusive relationships out of fear that their husbands would kill them if they left, but for the most part, more and more women can leave.

Those who stay have either been abused for so long that they now believe that somehow they deserve it, or their abuser has isolated some women that they are afraid to go out into the world on their own.

Even though this sounds old-fashioned, it really is a problem for many women.

Knowing The Signs Of A Dangerous Relationship

It is easy to say that a woman just shouldn’t get involved with an abusive man in the first place.

However, many men keep their abusive nature a secret until they have the woman right where they want her. Many women don’t see the abusive side of a man until they are married, and then it can begin as early as the honeymoon.

The man will often apologize and say it will never happen again, and the woman will believe him because she does want it to be true.

One sign of an abusive person is if they are overly possessive and jealous.

This might start off quite mild but will increase and can reach the stage where you cannot even talk or look at another man without them becoming extremely jealous.

Their possessiveness can reach a stage where he won’t let you out of his sight and has to know your every move.

If you begin to feel uncomfortable by a man’s possessiveness and jealousy early in a relationship, then perhaps you should leave then before it becomes worse.

The longer you remain in an abusive relationship, the worse it becomes, so if you can recognize the signs and get out early, then you will stay safe.

Knowing The Signs Of A Dangerous Relationship

Some men will become so possessive that they will forbid their wife or girlfriend to see their friends or family.

He will isolate her to not have a support system or anyone to help her leave.

Suppose in the early stages of a relationship; a man begins to complain about you spending time with friends or family and tries to prevent it. In that case, this could be a sign that he has a possessive personality and perhaps even an abusive one.

If you notice any signs that the man you are dating could be possessive or abusive, then it is best to leave and end the relationship before it becomes too severe.

You can even get in touch with his ex-girlfriends to see if they will talk to you about him, and they may be able to shed some light on his issues.

It is much easier to prevent danger by avoiding an abusive relationship than trying and escaping from it later.

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