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Kindergarten Morning Work For Moms Who Kids Stay Home

Kindergarten Morning Work For Moms Who Kids Stay Home

It has always been common practice for many mothers to stay home with their young children, but possibly now more than ever before; since the start of the pandemic, mothers stay home with their children. 

This pandemic has been stressful, to be it very lightly. Many mothers have struggled to find a good balance between working and caring for their families, especially if they’re still attempting to limit their child’s screen time. 

This is why I thought it would be appropriate to write a series of articles on preschool games, activities, and schooling that might be beneficial to mothers who might be having a hard time achieving that balance. In this article, I wanted to go over some resources for Pre-K worksheets and some simple kindergarten morning work. 

In some ways, things might be more comfortable for a child who is already enrolled in school because the school provides the parents’ lesson plans. 

But for those parents who have children that are not yet enrolled in school, things can be a bit more challenging. Many parents don’t want to sit their children in front of the TV all day, and they don’t necessarily have time to create a curriculum for them or even do a lot of research on what curriculum to use. 

My children have done both worksheets and interactive learning games in the morning when I’m starting my workday. Every child is different, and each child has their preferences and different learning styles, but my children preferred the interactive games. 

Kindergarten Morning Work For Moms Who Kids Stay Home

Kindergarten Morning Work
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The two they have always really liked are Reading Eggs and iReady. You will need a computer for both of these, but they are simple enough to understand that a child will be able to go through the games without much help from the parent, which is excellent! 

Reading Eggs teaches reading, and iReady teaches both reading and math. My children use both of these programs for free through their school, but Reading Eggs is relatively inexpensive if you choose to pay for it. 

You can get Reading Eggs for only $5.83/per month. iReady is only available through your child’s school, so this might not be an option for every family. 

An excellent resource for printable worksheets is This website offers several hundred printable worksheets for preschoolers. 

The website is broken up into sections and has worksheets for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade. Another great resource for worksheets is

I love this website because not only is it split up by grade level, you can also find things based on the subject matter. They offer worksheets for preschool, all the way through fifth grade, and offer worksheets on a multitude of subjects. They offer worksheets on everything from necessary handwriting skills to history, sports, and foreign languages. 

A child could most likely do some of the more simple worksheets alone but would probably need a little bit of assistance with some more challenging subjects. 

It can be hard to balance your time as a parent, and many parents faced new challenges last school year and the beginning of this school year. Not only were many schools shut down, but many preschools and daycare centers were shut down for a little while as well. 

Hopefully, these interactive games and resources for worksheets will be helpful, and mothers can feel a bit more at ease, knowing that their child isn’t falling behind in their education. 

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