Ignoring Bad Behavior In Adults

5 Reasons To Start Ignoring Bad Behavior In Adults

5 Reasons To Start Ignoring Bad Behavior In Adults

People say a child is “acting out” when they exhibit unrestrained and improper actions. The behavior is usually caused by suppressed or denied feelings or emotions.

Attention issues: Children often seek attention from parents, peers, or other authority figures. If they don’t get the positive attention they want, they will act out to get negative attention.

Acting Out

I often write that I view narcissistic and toxic adults as kidults, which means that they are kids in adult bodies.

Kid minds, adult bodies.

These narcissistic kidults behave in a similar manner that you would find in a kid aged around 5 to 8.

Yelling, throwing temper tantrums, tossing stuff, breaking stuff, and even trying to hurt themselves, just to get our attention.

Heck, some narcissistic kidult females will throw themselves in front of a car just to get attention.

THROW THEMSELVES IN FRONT OF A CAR just to get attention.

In this article, I want to explain why you need to start ignoring bad behaviors in adults and just let these kidults act out.

5 Reasons To Start Ignoring Bad Behavior In Adults

Ignoring Bad Behavior In Adults

1 – Lashing Out Gives These Kidults Fuel

Narcissistic kidults need attention.

They don’t care if it is good attention or bad attention. As long as they are getting attention, they are happy; content.

The thing that hurts many of these kidults is not having attention and not having attention when they work so hard to get attention.

When we grey rock them, this hurts them on a massive level because it makes them feel like they do not matter.

This is why they go on such vicious smear campaigns, when we move on from them.

They are trying their very best to get our attention again.

It is no different from a child who draws on the walls, throws dishes around, or yells and makes a public scene.

They are just fishing for attention.

2 – When They Do Wrong And You Acknowledge It Shows Them They Have Power

I know it can be challenging to ignore all the things they do and say, but you have to understand why they work this hard to hurt us and anger us because they NEED our attention.

They are desperate for our attention and will do anything and everything they can just to get us to say, “what is wrong with you?”

They are trying their very best to try and make us initiate a conversation with them; they want us to chase them.

In their minds, if they hurt us, we will keep on thinking about them.

But in knowing this is what they want and not feeding into their depravity, we beat them.

When they do something wrong, DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE IT if it is not life-threatening.

If you work with them and eat your lunch “by accident,” just go out and buy lunch and still eat in the same hall.

Show them you are not bothered by that.

If they go around and tell people how they don’t like “certain characters,” just keep on walking and check your phone, show them you are not bothered.

Whatever they do, as long as it is not a threat to your life, DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE IT.

Trust me, this will drive them INSANE.

Well, in their case, even more insane.

3 – They Want Us To Hold A Grudge…Don’t

When we hold a grudge against these people, what we do is hold them in our heads. They want to either be in our heart or our head.

As long as we think about them, they are happy.

Narcissistic kidults behave as if we do not acknowledge them, they will disappear. It is some time of existential crisis they go through.

Holding a grudge only makes them feel good about who they are. It makes them feel important to know that someone is plotting against them.

When we don’t hold a grudge against them, even when they do wrong, what we say to them is, “You are not worth it.”

It is important to understand that they need validation like we need air to breathe with these people.

They are not playing with a full deck.

4 – They Hate Being Ignored

This is not too surprising as kids hate being ignored, hence the reason they act out.

If you are dealing with a nasty toxic narcissistic kidult, the best thing to do is to ignore them.

Plain and simple.

This will hurt them on a massive level.

5 – It Shows Them You Will Not Tolerate Their Bad Behavior

Much like a parent who lets their kids yell and scream in a mall and says nothing to them but acknowledges the kid who knows how to behave, what we do when we ignore their bad behavior is show them you will not tolerate their behavior.

And everything they do that is not acceptable in your eyes will not be acknowledged.

Ignoring bad behavior in adults is one of the best ways to keep your sanity and at the same time show them and tell them how little they really matter to you.

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