I Love My Boyfriend

Reasons Why I Love My Boyfriend So Much

Reasons Why I Love My Boyfriend So Much

After kissing a couple of frogs and dating the entire city, only one person stands out from the crowd. I can finally say I am dating the most amazing guy in the whole universe. 

We all have had this guy at one point in our lives. I love my boyfriend so much, I try putting the finger on it, but after a lot of soul searching, I realized I love my boyfriend so much because…

Reasons Why I Love My Boyfriend So Much

I Love My Boyfriend
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He Makes Me Feel Special

Nothing beats the feeling of being in love. While unrequited love is quite the bummer, reciprocated love feels heavenly and is quite rare.

It’s probably the tiny simple things he does for me that makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. I had been cruising through my life, thinking I probably wasn’t cut out for love until I met my boyfriend.

He took away those ugly thoughts we have of ourselves. Am I unlovable, ugly, unworthy, or just not good enough?

Just as they say, the right person makes you realize that you were neither too ugly, unlovable, and unworthy to be loved.

He treats me with understanding, care, and respect, and this leaves me reeling with love. 

He Is So Handsome

I look back when I first set my eyes on him; it dawned on me that it was love at first sight. I look at him every morning as he lays beside me and my heart still pounds a bit, just wondering how lucky I would possibly be.

Every spark of love begins with an inexplicable initial attraction. I think it’s probably his eyes as he recalls an interesting story, his smile as he looks at me or his broad shoulders or the V-line dipping down his shorts that I can’t get enough of. 

He Always Comes Back

Just like everyone else. We have our fair share of arguments and disagreements. Quite frankly, I find him annoying at times.

However, after bitting his head off and vice versa, he pulls me in for an embrace and whispers how we should love each other.

Cheesy, right? I have been in a couple of relationships, and once arguments died down, cold silent treatment ensued for days extending a couple of weeks.

Now my current boyfriend is an entirely different species who cuddles me when we fight, kisses me when we argue, and holds my hands before I drop anything in my rage and fury.

He Is Genuinely Amazing

I love my boyfriend because he is this amazing human being with a warm, bubbly personality. He helps me out a lot with small and life-changing decisions.

He has proven to be my hero, coming through when I need him the most. He always seems to understand my situation and never forgets what I say, which makes me feel special. 

The bottom line is that I can proudly say that I love my boyfriend for once in my life. He is the love of my life.

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