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I Don’t Know How to Be Happy: What You Can Do

I don’t know how to be happy, and I can’t figure out what’s standing in my way of happiness. If this statement describes you, know that you’re not alone. 

In these uncertain times, many people are struggling to find happiness. This is usually a goal that many don’t believe can be achieved. 

But, while it’s true that we can’t be happy all the time, we can aim for a life filled with ordinary moments of happiness. 

If you’re sad and feeling lost, know that you can turn things around. Here are five ways to become happy again.

I Don’t Know How to Be Happy: What You Can Do

Do What Brings Meaning in Your Life

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Happiness comes when we feel meaningful. No matter how much money, fame, or respect one has, if they’re continually feeling meaningless, they’ll struggle with being happy. 

A sense of meaning is essential for us to find happiness. You can bring meaning to your life by working on something that needs your skills and abilities. 

Additionally, one should change their perception about the hardships in their way. 

Instead of seeing them as something that brings you down, think of them as something that improves your life.

Don’t Fake Happiness

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Happiness does not mean being happy all the time. Since life is full of challenges, we don’t have to feel good always. 

We have the privilege to have all the thoughts and feel all the feelings that humans can feel. 

But, when one blocks these feelings and thoughts, they don’t live to the fullest. Sure, happiness is an important feeling, but faking it might worsen things. 

Also, don’t chase it too hard. Remember that joy is spontaneous and occurs when conditions are right, so don’t focus on it as an outcome.

Discover What’s Prevent You from Being Happy

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Just as there are things that bring us happiness, there are obstacles that stand in the way of our happiness. 

It can be your mindset, a problematic situation, a past occurrence, or a person in your life. Assess yourself to determine the things that make you unhappy. 

You can do that by watching your thoughts pinpoint which situations are blocking you from being happy and figuring out a way to deal with them.

Rewire Your Brain

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Routine can make someone feel unhappy. For example, you might be bored, but you’re scared of trying a new thing. 

Or one might dislike their job, but they’re afraid of quitting because of fear of being broke. 

Whatever the reason, you should bring yourself out of your comfort zone to live a satisfying life. One can travel more or change their view of their limitations.

Determine What Happiness Is for You

I Don't Know How to Be Happy:
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Each person defines happiness in their way. Unfortunately, many individuals often chase other people’s definition of happiness. 

We continually adapt to society’s or our relatives’ versions of joy and struggle to achieve those versions in our lives. 

But, what others want isn’t necessarily what you want. So, you should step into your own life and determine what makes you happy.


You can be happy again. Sure, it might not happen overnight, but if your purpose is to understand your happiness and engage in things that help you achieve it, it’ll happen sooner than you think.

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