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I Am Worthless: Why Some People Hate Others For No Reason

I Am Worthless: Why Some People Hate Others For No Reason

I believe for many people; it is much easier to hate other than to love them because many people have a profound hatred for themselves.

It is easier to project our inadequacy and our shortcomings onto someone else.

It is easy to look at others’ flaws and blow their flaws out of proportion instead of sitting down and looking at our flaws.

People, for the most part, are wildly insecure, and they defend their egos to death!

This is why jealous people have such a desire to DESTROY the lives of people they are jealous of.

It is a constant reminder of what they are not!

And for people who, and I honestly believe this, can never be more than what they are, that reminder of others’ success is like a stake in the heart.

It reminds them of their inferiority.

I Am Worthless: Why Some People Hate Others For No Reason

I Am Worthless
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This is one reason why you will find some people who are PROUD to be racist!

It gives them a momentary boost of esteem.

I’m betta than you because my skin is lighter. Damn my I.Q level…ummm…what was I talking about again?

When allowed to hate yourself or someone else, it is not uncommon for people to hate the latter than the former.

It is human nature.

But it is the nature of the superior man/ person to look at one’s own flaws and fix them to become better.

And the only reason the superior man can do this is that the superior man has a superior perception of reality and life.

They have the gift to think for themselves and become more than what life has told them to be.

For the inferior man, hahaha…okay, that may not be funny to laugh at them; they don’t have the potential to be anything more than what life has told them to be.

So, they will continue to be spiteful, vindictive, angry, manipulative, and plotting their wholes lives, doing their very best to sabotage the lives of others.

People like this are LOSERS, and they are legion.

They hate themselves, and their actions towards everyone else around them are a more significant indicator of how they feel about themselves.

I’d feel sorry for them, had they not felt so sorry for themselves!

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  1. I think hating someone is harder. Just like it takes more muscles to frown then to smile. I agree that what they dislike about someone is what they wish they were or what they do not understand. Maybe they spend that much energy to hate the person in am attempt to keep the person away so they dont feel less. Maybe they spend that much energy to keep the person away because they were hurt before and don’t want to be hurt again. I don’t know. It’s not easier.

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