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8 Things Hurt People Hate About Themselves
 & Do

Do you find yourself hurting people in your life who may have never have hurt you? Do you wonder if you have become as toxic as the narcissistic partner in your life?

Here are a few toxic traits that people hate about themselves. 

8 Things Hurt People Hate About Themselves & Do

Hurt People

1. Revenge Can Take Over Your Life

Some people can get caught up in trying to get revenge against someone who wronged them. They end up losing relationships with loved ones, jobs, and this toxic behavior. 

2. Not Being Able To Tell People “No”

Most people who can not disagree with other people or turn them down are generally toxic to themselves. 

They do not want to feel this way and do not want to do everything other people want.

3. Feeling Guilty For Setting Boundaries

Boundaries are healthy for every relationship! Toxic people will punish themselves by making sure they stay miserable. 

4. Feeling The Need To Prove Yourself or Being Defensive

Most toxic people are defensive about everything, whether they are toxic to themselves or others. 

5. Inconsistency Is Irritating To All Parties

Toxic people hate being inconsistent, even though they will not change. Inconsistency causes conflict, which they hate dealing with.

6. Apologizing Too Much Is A Sign Of Other Issues

People who were abused mentally or physically tend to apologize for everything. They hate feeling wrong all the time, but it is a habit to apologize rather than getting reprimanded in some way.

7. Punishing Yourself For No Reason

Most people who are depressed or abused will set out for revenge on themselves. They will self-sabotage things in their life to prove to themselves that they do not deserve to be happy.

8. Hurting People 

Most toxic people do regret hurting people. They do not think or care about the consequences of their actions. They tend to minimize the consequences to make themselves feel better. 

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