How To Starve Narcissism

How To Starve Narcissism & Eliminate Them From Your Life

How To Starve Narcissism

Narcissists want to feel powerfulimportant and special. They’re terrified for being seen for what they really are — scared, petulant, inadequate, needy children. Creating conflict and drama gets them attention, they feel powerful (they make the rules and don’t stop until their victims comply, concede or admit that everything is their fault).

Why Do Narcissists Enjoy Conflict and Drama?

It is very important to understand what narcissists are to effectively starve them and truly hurt them on a massive level.

Narcissists are, in every sense of the word, parasites. They NEED others to feed on to survive. They need attention, drama, and chaos in their lives to go on in life.

In this article, I want to express how to starve narcissism with the toxic person you may be dealing with so that you both keep your sanity and destroy their egos.

How To Starve Narcissism & Eliminate Them From Your Life

There are several ways that you can starve a narcissist and thus effectively slowly start to end their worthless lives.

# 1 – Grey Rock

How To Starve Narcissism

The grey rock method is a great way to starve the narcissist of any reaction from you. These people seem to feed on reaction like we feed on food to survive.

The grey rock method is you become so emotionally detached from these people. You become indifferent.

You become like a rock.

Whenever they yell, scream, gossip about you, and try and make you angry, you sit there with a blank, emotionless face and listen.


You simply say, “Hmm…I see!”

Your lack of energy (responding emotionally to them) will starve them, and they will probably leave your life because they aren’t getting the response they want.

This is a great way to starve the narcissist as well as put the in the position to walk away.

I love this option as it places us in a position of OWNING our own emotions. And this is something that narcissists hate.

They love feeling like they can control someone’s feelings. They love that they can feel like they are in control of how someone perceives themselves.

By just sitting there with no emotions on your face and just being in their proximity, not present with them, starves them of your energy.

# 2 – Ghost Them

Yet another starving method of mines. Nothing reminds a narcissist how insignificant they are and starves them on a massive level, then but by ghosting them.

Ghosting is an act of us cutting ALL TIES with these parasites. When we ghost a narcissist, what we do is:

  • Cut all ties on social media with them
  • Change phone numbers if you have to
  • If you can change cities, or even states

You must become like a rogue agent who disengages from the system. You must get off their grid.

This will annoy and frustrate them to NO END because they just suddenly lose all contact with you.

And if you were an excellent supply for them, they will go bonkers from not having you in their worthless lives.

# 3 – No Contact

How To Starve Narcissism

Lastly, where the other two entries will starve the narcissist, this will END THE NARCISSIST.

NO CONTACT destroys and eliminates the narcissist from your life. It is as if you “Thanos Snapped” them out of existence.

It is such a great way to obliterate the narcissist completely. And as mentioned in the introduction, these people NEED TO FEEL IMPORTANT.

When we go No Contact, it is as if we remove them from reality, and in their deranged and unhinged minds, this is EXACTLY what they feel like is going on.

This is why they go on such massive smear campaigns; they try their very best to try and get us to come back and stop them from talking badly about us.

By going No Contact, we treat them as NOTHING, and this kills them on a massive level.

Need Support 

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