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How To Make Money On Pinterest Without a Blog

Have you ever thought about making money on Pinterest? There is no denying that everyone will often look forward to how they can boost their incomes through social media platforms, including Pinterest. 

Seemingly, things can only get tough when you have no blog, as this has proven to be one of the best ways to realize more revenue. The question, therefore, is whether making money without blogs can suffice.

There is barely a one-dimensional answer to whether you can get something out of this engagement or not. That is because it will depend on what resources and objectives you have. Here are a few insights you cannot overlook.

Is It Possible to Make Money from Pinterest Without a Blog?

The simple answer to this would be yes. From virtual assistants and affiliate marketers to brand promotion and blogging, various options are at your disposal. 

With these many options, getting an avenue that uses no blog will be much easier for you. Here are the three critical ways you could make money on Pinterest without necessarily having a blog.

How To Make Money On Pinterest Without a Blog

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1. Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance has become an inescapable reality in the current world. Whether you have a blog or not, this is an option you will barely want to overlook. 

It allows you to handle different engagements, including pin creation, scheduling, keyword research, and promoting pins. You could also consider creating sales funnels if you have the skill.

The flexibility provided by this task is almost impossible to overstate. Thanks to the convenience provided, it is much easier to work with various clients on this social platform. 

Did you know that you can earn up to $500 per client? As long as you understand which management tasks are ideal for you, there will be no reason to worry.

Ideally, your focus will be on improving your client’s growth. For that reason, you will have to generate and design pins that can improve the traffic flow to your client’s website.

2. Monetize your skills

Undeniably, Pinterest is home to one of the most extensive learning library. While you could put up random stuff, being a little organized could earn you a decent income in the long run. 

For instance, you could learn how to make furniture and monetize it on the platform. Most people will want a taste of what you do. 

And if you can pin and organize them accordingly, it will be a lot easier to attract clients. Invest in on-demand skills, as this will help eliminate competition.

3. Sell products

Selling products has proven to be the most straightforward way for one to get revenue without blogs. For instance, you could create e-books and teachable courses on the platform and sell them. 

How about you come up with a book on how to make breathtaking furniture? You could sell mouthwatering cakes too, won’t you? Such are the things that will not only improve your income but also grow your skills. 

If you are making home-made products, you will be free to sell them through your Etsy shop.


In conclusion, Pinterest is a platform whose monetary impact is hard to overstate. As you look forward to making the most of it without a blog, the insights provided above will be a lighthouse. Now is the right time for you to pounce on the opportunities at hand!

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