How To Make A Narcissist Feel Worthless

How To Make A Narcissist Feel Worthless: This One Thing Will Hurt Them

How To Make A Narcissist Feel Worthless

It can feel very vindicating when we make a narcissist feel worthless. I mean, after all the time they spent devaluing us for their pleasure, making them feel like they want us to feel, worthless, can be sweet.

Narcissists, despite their tough bravado, actually are, most of them, paper tigers. They are not as strong as they many of us have been misled to believe.

This is one reason why they work so hard to make other people seem like they are weak, and why they work so hard to make people think they are worthless.

They know that they are worthless, and they try and project their worthlessness onto us.

But once you understand how they think and why they go out their way to make us feel like we are nothing by devaluing us and discarding us, when they do discard us, we can then pull the trump card to make them feel worthless.

This is the one thing you can do when they try and devalue you and make you feel like you are nothing that will show them and reveal to them THEY ARE NOTHING.

How To Make A Narcissist Feel Worthless

How To Make A Narcissist Feel Worthless

The one thing you can do (well, there are many things you can do to hurt a narcissist and make a narcissist feel worthless, but in this case, for someone who a narcissist has discarded) is to accept their discard and agree with the narcissist on whatever lunacy they spew.

You must understand about narcissistic people because they think they are the smartest people on this planet.

Despite these people never curing cancer, getting us back to the moon, unlocking the secrets of the universe, in their kidults minds, they are the smartest people on this planet.

So when they try and make us feel worthless or discard us, what they are saying in their deluded heads is, “I have the power to make you feel less than.”

Accepting whatever put down or nasty comments they say and accepting the discard, you take away their power.

And power to a narcissist is not uplifting themselves; it is in tearing everyone else around them down. Click To Tweet

By saying to a narcissist that “how you view me is an interesting perception of me that I do not wholly see in myself as, but I accept that is how you see me,” this will cause them to feel worthless.


Because they are expecting you/us to try and prove them wrong.

They try and control people by their opinion, and if you do not care what they think of you, they cannot control you. To people who need to control others and can’t, and when I say NEED (They really do NEED to control others), this is crushing to them.

When a narcissist tries and discards you, the best thing to do is to accept the discard.

The discard is meant to make us chase them.

If we chase them, it shows that they are worthy of attention, but not chasing them and accepting the discard, we show them they really do not matter in our lives and are worthless.

This is one reason why, after they discard us, they go on such nasty smear campaigns. They are upset that we are not chasing after them and showing that they matter to us.

The smear campaigns are their way of saying, “Hey, I am talking badly about you; come say something about it. Give me attention.”

As I mentioned earlier, these people are kidults. And this is not a knock or me teasing them.

Just as a small child draws on the walls to get mommy and daddy’s attention, so too will these kidult narcissists do nasty things just to get our attention.

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  1. Dudley Mccluney says:

    I’ve never tried agreeing with them but I can see where they would take it as a slap in the face. I don’t believe this would have worked for me, although it does sound like great advice. I was too attached to accept the discard so easily, where for me it felt like the end of the world, and I know I wasn’t in the right mind frame to even listen to good advice during the discard. This good advice would have been devastating for me most likely because I don’t think it’s wise to agree with what a malignant narcissist accuses you of, that’s serious prison time. Im not to fond of the title but I greatly appreciate and respect your last few comments. It’s not widely accepted that men are subjected to domestic violence, ( narcissist abuse) and searching for help for a good bit more than a year has been a degrading experience Everything is geared towards helping women only, I’ve raised three girls as a single father and I’m grateful they could find help if needed.
    If you’ve given any male support recently or in the past, you’ll be the first that i know of, which is far better than all the others out there combined who make the same claim that they help everyone, but I assure you isn’t the truth. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comment, and I have given some insight on male abuse by female narcissist.

      I agree, society truly overlooks men when it comes to abuse and it is disgusting.

      Now, when I say accept, and maybe I should of phrased it better, we give the illusion that we accept their discard or hatred. We honestly do not deep down. If it is for legal issues and they are trying to make us take the blame of course not agree with it, but with a discard yes accept it. It will make them feel foolish later on when we do not chase them.

      Here is an article I wrote about the empathic husband/boyfriend/father

    2. Arleene Urbina says:

      Lately I’ve realized that there’s unfortunately a large number of men that are or have dealt with women with NPD. Wanted to say I’m sorry you went through all that. I can’t imagine how it must be for a man to go through something like I did and still am.
      Grew up thinking men are strong and nothing can hurt them. How wrong I was.
      Hope you’re doing well now.

  2. Ann Nicolodi says:

    I have seen many male victims on Quora feeds, also awakened narcissist who speak from their perspective. I sympathize with you and agrre, I’m sorry there isn’t a lot of help for male victims and I hope more awareness comes soon. Bless you for being a good dad and taking care of your kids! Good luck!

  3. I was in relationship 7yr and we have daughter and even she noticed things weren’t right in our relationship and really doesn’t want to go back and I know it’s not in daughters best interest to but it’s hard to get courts to agree with dads on things like this but even though it’s been just little over a month I can see daughter is more relaxed and happier

  4. Brenda Bloom says:

    Federal laws meant to protect violence victims, including mental and psychological, are too often literally ignored and unenforced throughout this country. Too many victims, victimized twice, by the abuser and law enforcement. I am ashamed of these actions AND THE PUBLIC who pretends it isn’t a world wide scourge that lives in their neighborhood.

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