How to Deal With Narcissistic Behavior Women


5 Ways On How to Deal With Narcissistic Behavior Women

5 Ways On How to Deal With Narcissistic Behavior Women

Narcissism is a personality disorder where the sufferer exhibits a chain of selfish traits. He or she may be arrogant, self-centered, and has a high sense of self-importance. These mannerisms can be hard to bear for many people.

What if a woman in your life portrays narcissistic behavior? How do you deal with it? Let us look at how to deal with narcissistic behavior women while still maintaining your calm.

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5 Ways On How to Deal With Narcissistic Behavior Women

5 Ways On How to Deal With Narcissistic Behavior Women

How to Deal With Narcissistic Behavior Women

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1. Acknowledge That You Have Limits

The first move in dealing with narcissistic behavior women is to acknowledge that you have limits that the person is crossing. 

It may be her self-centeredness or arrogance that gets to you and pushes you off track. 

It is more unbearable if the person is close to you, such as a spouse or workmate, as it can interfere with your life and mental health in difficult situations.

Knowing where they rub you the wrong way can help you develop a defense mechanism, most of the time, through avoidance.

2. Learn Where the Behavior Comes From

If it is a person close to you, you should try and understand them as it is a psychological condition, which builds up over a long time. Talk to them gently and try to see what situation in life made them the way they are. Understanding the origin can help you come with an excellent solution to deal with their unbecoming behavior.

3. Call Them Out ~ How to Deal With Narcissistic Behavior Women

Most of the time, narcissism gains strong roots as there is no one to call them out for their ill behavior. 

The narcissist may take their behavior to be a positive trait of accepting themselves, such as taking their arrogance to be self-confidence. 

A perfect way to trim off this uncouthness is by calling them out. 

Tell them that they are becoming unbearable, and it may strike a chord in them that they are going overboard.

4. Establish Boundaries ~ How to Deal With Narcissistic Behavior Women

When dealing with a narcissistic woman, you should set boundaries and be firm with them. 

A thing to know is that their self-centered mannerisms do away with their sense of empathy, and they may overstep boundaries if not set. 

You should put a firm foot forward and let them know that you have boundaries that they should respect. 

Should you not do this, expect their behavior to cross unexpected lines with far-fetching consequences.

5. Seek Professional Help ~ How to Deal With Narcissistic Behavior Women

At times, even if the ball is in your court, you may not have the power to control it. This situation can ring true in the case of a narcissistic woman. 

If you cannot resolve to nip their behavior and feel you cannot help them further, seek professional help. 

A counselor or therapist can help the person to tone down their characters. It is an efficient method that will work for both of you.

Closing Remark

Narcissism is one of the most unbearable traits that is more of a personality disorder. 

Above are some ways to deal with narcissistic behavior in a woman without hurting her. Should things fail to work, you can consult a therapist for professional help.

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  1. Carrie A Gaethle says:

    My mother is a narcissist and growing up was pure hell. She favored my twin sister and still does. All the horrific things I went through and it never made sense until now! Thank you.

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