How Narcissism Develops & What You Need To Do About It

Narcissism, the 21st-century major personality disorder crisis that many people are waking up to, has become a huge topic of discussion for many.

And rightly so.

These monsters posing as human beings have destroyed so many lives in the past and continue to do so now. Luckily, Youtube, Quora, Blogs, and Mental Health Advocates (Subscribe MedCircle If You Haven’t) have shed light on the hidden war that many empaths go through.

For many people, enablers and NAIVE EMPATHS, they have this myopic view that “something bad happened to them in their childhood.”

Fine, okay!

THAT IS NOT REASON ENOUGH for them to be the @sswipes they are today to people who did NOT hurt them.

We can chalk up their bad behavior to narcissistic parents.

But guess what, many empaths have narcissistic parents and grow up to be the BEST PARENTS imaginable.

We can say it was because they were spoiled.

Many empaths have great parents who spoil them with love and affection, and they GIVE IT TO OTHERS.

We can say, it’s social media.

Many empaths are on social media spreading awareness, raising funds, helping people out, all the while they get hate.

We can say it is TV, movies, music, culture, religion, non-religion, etc.

Or we can all just wake up and admit; these @sswipes are the @sswipes they are because THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE AT THEIR CORE.

We can keep placing their bad behavior on the world, or we can point the finger at who is really responsible for them being the POS that they.

Bad childhood or not they would STILL be the POS that they are.

The reason they are narcissists is because that is what they are.

A snake sneaks and preys on smaller animals because that is what they are good at.

A jackal looks for a wounded animal about to die to eat it instead of chasing after its prey because that is what it is good at.

A vulture looks for carcasses to feed on because that is what they are made for.

And the reason that narcissists behave the way they do and go after the people they do is because that is what they are and are meant to do.

They are just animals posing as human beings, and trying to find a reason as to why they do the things they do will only drive you insane, which is what they want.

Why I think narcissism develops in people is the same reason why venom develops in poisonous snakes; that is just how they were designed by nature.

Good childhood, they would STILL be the @sswipes they are.

Let’s stop looking for excuses and just accept that people like them exist.

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