How Does A Narcissist Handle Rejection And No Contact

How Does A Narcissist Handle Rejection And No Contact

How Does A Narcissist Handle Rejection And No Contact

Rejection to a narcissist is like setting them on fire. These people cannot handle rejection, and they most definitely cannot deal with a person going No Contact.

Narcissists are addicts, and they are addicted to people, drama, and chaos.

Much like an addict who is deprived of their drugs will behave irrationally, so too are narcissists deprived of their supply.

In this article, I want to answer how a narcissist handles rejection and no contact and what you NEED to do to pull it off successfully and keep yourself safe in the process.

You must put this in your head that these people only look human, but they are not. They are animals, snakes, demons in human clothing.

You will not ever reason with them or get them to see your point of view.

When you go No Contact, do so as if you were a secret agent trying to get off the government’s radar.

GO UNDERGROUND and remove yourself entirely from their lives.

How Does A Narcissist Handle Rejection And No Contact

How Does A Narcissist Handle Rejection And No Contact

fMRI studies show that the same areas of the brain become activated when we experience rejection as when we experience physical pain.

10 Surprising Facts About Rejection

When we reject a narcissist, understand that you are causing a huge narcissist collapse. You are KILLING their ego, and to them, they cannot stand that.

It is saying to them, “You are NOT ENOUGH,” which hurts these losers on a massive level.

People who have an irrational and insatiable desire to be loved and praised by others, NOT praising them, are anathema to their whole way of living and seeing themselves.

This is why they go on such nasty smear campaigns about us and tell everyone we are not as great as we seem. They are a small child who is told, “No cake for breakfast.”

Rejection has also been shown to light up the brain area that is associated with feelings of being burned.

Meaning they feel like they are being set on fire when we say NO. This is why they feel a need to lie when they want us to do something for them, because being told NO makes them feel like we are setting them on fire.

They have NO emotional regulation, and they truly are kidults.

What No Contact Does To Them

How Does A Narcissist Handle Rejection And No Contact

No Contact can be seen as the equivalent of taking away a drug from an addict or taking away a toy from a kid.

For both of these people, it will drive them insane, and they will hurt emotionally and even physically from the loss of not having what they want.

Narcissists, and it is essential to remind yourself of this, are like kids. They view people as toys, objects, things for their pleasure.

When we remove ourselves from their lives and do so without their consent (meaning they didn’t discard us), they will feel powerless.

Now, mind you, going No Contact requires that you do everything you can to remove yourself from these people’s lives.

Get away from them as far as you can because they have no problem stalking you.

Narcissists Will Stalk

How Does A Narcissist Handle Rejection And No Contact

If you reject a narcissist and go no contact BUT still stay in the same area, work the same job, live the SAME WAY as you did while you were with them, the narcissist WILL STALK and harass you.

They may send their flying monkeys to do this for them, or they may do it themselves.

In their twisted, deluded, irrational, uncultured, demonized, and possessed minds, they think when we reject them or do not contact them, we are doing this to make a point.

They cannot get it through their pea brains that we have no desire to be with them, and they WILL STALK.

This is why I champion that you do your very best to find a place somewhere new, become your boss (the internet has made it easy for anyone and everyone to become their boss), ghost the heck out of them (get off of social media, change numbers and emails, and act as if you never existed.

These people take things to the next level, and I would not put it past them to stalk you and take things to the NEXT LEVEL.

You don’t want to end up on the news because of these nutjobs.

They will end life because you not being in their life means you took away their world.



Rejecting A Narcissist And Going No Contact

There is a freedom that comes when you go No Contact. There is a vindication that happens when you reject a narcissist.

These people are nothing more then paper tigers.

But mind, even paper can cut deep, so beware when you do decide to get these nutjobs out of your life.

If you want to be happy and get your revenge, just go No Contact on them; that will crush them on a massive level.

Need Support

I know it is not easy to go it alone; check out these narcissistic support groups and see if you can meet up with others who understand what you are going through.

If traveling is an issue, Facebook is home to many support groups (yet, I would not stay in these groups for too long, as narcs can always infiltrate these groups.

Lastly, if you need professional help, I highly recommend Online Therapy.

As helpful as blogs or support groups may be, nothing beats professional help.

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  1. DesertRose says:

    I’m not using my name as my ex narcissist boyfriend is still looking for me after 4 yrs of no contact. I was given a chance to escape him and I grabbed it with both hands.

    I just disappeared out of his life. He doesn’t know how I did it or exactly where I am. And I am trying my best to make sure he doesn’t find out. He had threatened my life several times and I don’t want to give him a chance to follow thru with those threats.

    Be safe! There is a life after a narcissist. Get mental health help if you can.

    1. Agreed!

      There is a much better life awaiting us all after we leave these toxic cesspools.

      I wish you continued safety and a prosperous future.

  2. Unknown says:

    Spot on! Long story short, 20yrs is a very long time, he tried to break me, red flags from the git go, his death set me free, not being mean, just honest, sometimes we do real stupid crap. No hate comments, plz

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