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The Hope I Have For My Children

The Hope I Have For My Children

I didn’t do very well when I was in school, and I did not take my academic career seriously until my Junior year in High School.

I went to a Vocational High School and had some trouble deciding what I wanted to do for a career choice. This school offered so many attractive options for shops.

Each student spent the whole first year of high school visiting and learning about every shop choice before deciding which shop to focus on and pursue.

My situation was slightly different from that of the other students because the shop that I chose for myself offered two different job paths.

I remember feeling very torn trying to decide between a career choice that I loved (being a preschool teacher) and a career choice that would undoubtedly provide me with more financial security (a career in the healthcare field).

I chose to focus my attention on studying Child Development and working in various daycare centers and preschools.

Now, due to my family situation, my focus has shifted to the publishing industry, and I use what I learned in school from studying Child Development and Elementary Education in my writing. Both of my younger sisters have very stable jobs in the healthcare field.

The Hope I Have For My Children

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I love what I do, and I can make my work schedule, which is very important since I’m a single mother, but sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I had made a different career choice.

I think that I would not struggle the way that I currently do in a lot of ways. I would most likely have more financial security, less debt, and probably even better quality housing for my children and me.

I think that if I had made a different career choice, I would most likely have a lot less stress in many different ways.

Being self-employed can be very stressful. I am always working and looking for work at the same time.

If you have read some of my previous articles, you probably already know that I have one intellectually gifted child and one child who is autistic.

My daughter (the intellectually gifted one) is eleven, and she goes back and forth, already trying to decide if going to college would be the best move for her to make and what career path she should choose.

Our area does not currently have any Vocational High Schools, but we do have multiple programs where a student can be enrolled in High School and college at the same time.

When I was growing up, my father talked to me a lot about various job possibilities within the healthcare field. Now, I find myself doing the same thing with my daughter.

I want both of my children to work in a profession that they enjoy. Still, my hope for both of them is that they will be able to work a job that they love while it provides them with flexibility, stable benefits, and the financial security that many people are currently lacking.

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