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Good Morning Crafts For Preschoolers

In this article, I’ll be going over some good morning crafts for preschoolers.

This article will go hand in hand with my previous article, Family Fun Hobbies: Art Projects For Kids.

Not all of these crafts will be Christmas themed, but they will all be super fun and easy to do.

Good Morning Crafts For Preschoolers

Good Morning Crafts
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The first craft is straightforward and a lot of fun, but not something that many parents I know of have done, making your stamps.

You can make these by cutting out the foam into different shapes and gluing them to the backs of bottle caps.

Then, use other colored washable paints and stamp them onto paper. These are guaranteed to keep your children occupied. They are fun and easy to make and to use.

The second good morning craft is leaf prints. This is an excellent activity for fall. Your children will have fun collecting the leaves and doing the exercise.

All you need for this are leaves, paper, washable paint, and a paintbrush. Ensure the plates are clean before beginning the craft to not get any dirt or grime in the paint or on your paper.

Then, paint one side of your leaf, flip it over and press it against the paper to make your leaf print.

Crafts For Preschoolers

Good Morning Crafts
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The next craft is also fairly simple to do, paper plate rainbows. There are two different ways you can make these.

For both methods, you will need to cut a paper plate in half and then cut out a small half circle at the bottom to form an arch. After your arch is formed, you can have your preschooler color it in with crayons or paint it with washable paint.

The other way you can complete this craft is by having your preschooler glue on little pieces of different colored construction paper to form the colors of the rainbow.

If you are feeling really fancy, you can glue cotton balls onto the ends of your rainbow to make them look like small clouds.

Good Morning Crafts For Preschoolers

The next good morning craft is a Christmas themed activity, creating felt Christmas trees.

Your children will love this activity because once the tree is cut out, they can decorate it over and over, as many times as their little hearts desire!

This will also keep them occupied, so they hopefully do not continuously try to take the ornaments off of your real Christmas tree.

To do this activity, you’ll need a glue gun, so this is something you’re going to need to help your little one with.

First, using green felt and a black sharpie, draw and cut out a Christmas tree. You’ll want to make it at least two feet long.

Next, using different colors of felt, cut out circles for your ornaments. Your children can have a lot of fun helping you create these ornaments, be careful with that glue gun.

After all of your ornaments are finished, and the glue has dried, you can put the tree up on your wall and allow your children to decorate it.

I hope you and your children enjoy some of these good morning craft ideas!

Written by: Brittany Nicole Lewis 

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