Golden Child When Narcissistic Mother Dies

What Happens To The Golden Child When Narcissistic Mother Dies

You will often read about narcissistic mothers and how damaging and vicious they can be to their children.

And this is very true.

Narcissistic mothers can be nightmares to their children. They will hate and envy their daughters and go out of their way to sabotage their daughter’s dreams just out of sheer jealousy.

Golden Child When Narcissistic Mother Dies

They will also try and control their son’s lives, who they date, where they go, how they dress, how they…THINK.

Narcissistic mothers are just as bad, if not worst than narcissist fathers and husbands because they have that image of being the “loving mother,” which allows them to get away with a heck of many nasty things.

However, ever so often, the narcissist will find a reason to “care” for their child, and they will dote on the child, which they will see as their “Golden child.”

They will prop them up, they will give them everything they want, and they will fight ad nail to end for their child if they are ever caught doing something wrong.


When these people pass away, what often times happens to the golden child when narcissistic mother dies is…

What Happens To The Golden Child When Narcissistic Mother Dies

Golden Child When Narcissistic Mother Dies

When the narcissistic mother passes away, the golden child is hit with a harsh realization that they are not the world or life’s precious, perfect little kid.

The golden child is forced to now be hit with a truth that they are not as perfect, as excellent, or as lovable as their mother has FOOLED them into believing.

And this truth may cause them to either sink into a massive depression from realizing the lie they have been living, develop a cynical look on life “No one but my mom understood how great I am. Fuck the world“, or some will go out and hunt for a new supply to fill the void left by their mother’s death.

Whatever the option, most often, these kids will most likely NOT see the error of their ways and try to improve.

They have been so heavily conditioned by their mother to believe that rainbows and butterflies come out of their ass that to tell them anything different about them would be like hitting a brick wall with an egg.


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