Getting a Spanking

The Negative Effects Of Getting a Spanking

When I was growing up, getting a spanking was common. There were very few things that a child feared more than their mother’s spankings.

In certain cultures, and in several places around the United States (mostly the southern states), getting a spanking is still a pretty commonly used form of punishment for a child.

But, more and more, we see parents opting not to use this method as a society. Many parents that I have spoken with said that even before they became parents, they had conversations with their spouses and made the conscious decision NOT to give their children spankings.

But why? Well, because now we know and understand more about the adverse effects of getting a spanking.

An article from the American Psychological Association states that “many studies have shown that physical punishment – including spanking, hitting, and other means of causing pain- can lead to increased aggression, antisocial behavior, physical injury and mental health problems for children.” – (The Case Against Spanking, The American Psychological Association)

The Negative Effects Of Getting a Spanking

Getting a Spanking
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Many parents now have taken to a more positive approach in their parenting, and I think this is mainly because my generation sees the adverse effects that spanking had on them in particular when growing up.

We see now how all of these issues, mental health problems, antisocial behavior, feelings of aggression, have been ingrained in us. These adverse effects of spanking (and other forms of physical punishment) can cause trust issues in children.

Children learn that they aren’t able to trust the people that are supposed to be protecting them. The unfortunate reality is that these adverse effects don’t only affect you as a child. If they aren’t handled correctly and delicately, they can bleed over into adulthood.

The Negative Effects Of Getting a Spanking

Getting a Spanking
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It’s no surprise that we have many young adults now that are lacking in social skills and in the ability to manage their emotions. Of course, this is not the case for every person who has ever gotten a spanking or been hit by one of their parents.

Certainly not. But the fact that so many young parents now are making a choice, and the extreme effort to change their parenting methods into more positive, loving ones says something.

We’ve been the adverse effects that corporal punishment has on children and society. As the old saying by Frederick Douglass goes, “it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” This saying could not be more accurate.

We are struggling now to try to form healthy relationships, deal with old trust issues, self-esteem issues, and mental health issues. It’s much more challenging to repair an adult that has been damaged than it is to help facilitate the growth of well-rounded, mentally, and emotionally sound children.

We can do our part by reflecting and recognizing the areas within ourselves, not only as parents but as individuals, to repair the areas that need to be repaired, heal the wounds that may need to be healed, and vow every day to wake up and be the best parents that we can be for our children, knowing very well, that they won’t be children for long.

Real healing and growth start at home.

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