Gender Reveal Box Ideas


The Top 5 Best Gender Reveal Box Ideas

Will the new baby be a boy or a girl? Finding out the baby’s gender is an exciting moment for the expecting couple’s friends and family.

Nowadays, parents-to-be are not providing simple answers. Instead, they are continually looking for creative ways to reveal the gender. The objective is always to make the new baby party a day to remember.

While there are countless ways of telling people your new bay’s sex, one of the most popular and cost-effective methods is using a gender reveal box.

Here are the best five genders that reveal box ideas that you can use to make your party memorable.

The Top 5 Best Gender Reveal Box Ideas

Gender Reveal Box Ideas

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1. DIY Gender Boxes

Instead of buying a ready made box, you can make one yourself. It is a straightforward process, as all you need is a carton box, wrapping paper, balloons, packing tape, and glue.

Once you seal the box using tape, cover it with your wrapping paper. You can then add wordings, such as Boy or Girl, Mister or Sister, and He or She. Then, insert balloons and close the box using tape.

2. Clear Boxes

You can make your party unique by using clear boxes and fancy gender reveal clothes. These boxes are made using extra-hard cardboard that is highly resistant to tearing. Because they are transparent, you can use them for other celebrations, like baby showers, birthdays, and anniversaries.

During the gender reveal party, cover the box with a drape so that people remain eager until you are ready to make the big announcement.

3. Biodegradable Paper Gender Reveal Boxes

If you the environment, using gender reveal boxes made of eco-friendly biodegradable paper is your perfect choice. Besides, this is the ideal decorative accessory for your party as it attracts your guests’ attention and arouses their curiosity.

Because of its material, this box is incredibly lightweight. It is also easy to assemble.

4. Gender Reveal Boxes with Voting Stickers

You can add more fun to your gender reveal party by letting the guests guess your baby’s sex. This box comes with a stand and 120 stickers, 60 for a girl, and 60 for the boy.

During the party, make the attendees busy by inviting them to vote. You can even customize the game by requesting the guests to suggest baby names on the votes.

Once the casting of votes is over, you can make the big reveal by popping the box open and letting the balloons rise.

5. Gender Reveal Drop Bags

Who says that you have to use conventional boxes for your big reveal? Instead, you can use a box that resembles a drop bag. This box comes with a string sewn to its opening.

When you are ready to let people know, you can pull the string, and the balloons will start dropping. This is a fresher and trendier alternative to common gender reveal sets.


It can be challenging to pick the right gender reveal box with many ideas to choose from when expecting a baby. That said, you don’t have to take a bland approach – be creative, and people will remember your party for long.

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