Free Home Schooling A Short Guide On How To Save Money

A free homeschooling program is not impossible to achieve. You do need to do some planning and creativity, though.

By the way, when I say ‘free, I mean you do not need to spend money aside from the pen and paper which any regular school kid needs. Also, I recommend getting a whiteboard when teaching your kids.

The key to free homeschooling for your kid is to take advantage of resources already available to you, but you may not realize or think of it.

So read on, and I’ll give you some ideas on where to start.

Free Home Schooling A Short Guide On How To Save Money

Free Home Schooling A Short Guide On How To Save Money

The biggest problem for most parents when deciding on homeschooling is the need to create a homeschooling curriculum catered to the child’s needs.

Most parents would opt to purchase books or hire a professional to create a home school curriculum. They typically cost anywhere from a hundred bucks to a few thousand.

But do you know, the internet has free homeschooling information available?

One example of such a site is There are many others as well. Homeschooling forums also provide a platform for parents to interact and share knowledge on just about everything homeschooling.

For buying books, you can head to eBay to pick up bargains. Another place is your local book dealer, who may have books that they may give away. If they do not have any books to give away, they usually have various discounts for book sets.

The benefits of getting your book set include the convenience of having these books in the comfort of your home.

The costs of purchasing the books will be well worth it because your succeeding children can use these same books when they reach the same educational level.

Otherwise, you can visit your local library near your city. Your library will likely carry a vast wealth of books (some may no longer be sold in your regular bookstores!) that you can borrow when you need them.

Your regular school field trip can easily be replaced with a fraction of the cost. You can opt to see sites within the proximity of your home. Your city and your state may offer you a rich array of cultural and historical sites to visit.

You can also opt to tie in education with whatever family trips and vacations you’d be making. Build a lesson around the family trip so that you can use this time and the money you spend on homeschooling your child as well.

With some planning and thought, you can make homeschooling accessible in terms of financial cost and effort.

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