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How To Get More Clients For Your Fiverr Pro Account

How To Get More Clients For Your Fiverr Pro Account

I find great freelancers (I hire people off of Fiverr) by searching for the lowest bid for the most offer for a gig!

Allow me to elucidate!

How To Get More Clients For Your Fiverr Pro Account

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To better explain what I wrote above, I mean that if I am looking for a person to create pins for me on Pinterest, if I see one person is offering to create $10 great pins for $5, and another person saying they will create three great pins for $5; I will be more likely to choose the former than the latter.

Now, yes, — initially, this is something that will be very difficult to handle on Fiverr.

Working for less and doing more is not something that most people clamor on to do.

However, this is important because it will help you get the 5-star reviews, potentially long term clients, the practice of showing your skill, and as you get more reviews and more clients, you will be able to increase the price later on.

Reviews are SO IMPORTANT for landing clients.

Are they the hallmark factor in your landing clients?


I hire people who have no reviews or gigs started.

And what these freelancers usually do to give them a shot is when they offer to do the gig before I even purchase the gig.

This is a great, but somewhat dangerous, way of getting clients as it shows you are willing to go well beyond what is expected of you.

I have hired nearly a dozen and more people from Fiverr and mostly because they could show they were willing to work with me.

It is all about pleasing the client.

If you can do that, I promise you; you will make long term partnerships and boost your clients on Fiverr.

Put the client first, and you will succeed!

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