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7 Free Methods To Reduce Extremely Intense or Nervous Feeling In People

Fear, extremely intense or nervous feelings are among the most powerful emotions that substantially affect an individual’s mind and body.

Extreme intense feelings are a strong signal created when you are in a dangerous situation or an emergency.

For instance, extreme intense feelings can build up in anxious events such as public speaking, exams, dates, interviews, or parties.

These nervous feelings can last for a short duration and then go away, or they can last much longer and stick in your life. This article is the best for you if you want to reduce your extreme intense or nervous feel.

7 Free Methods To Reduce Extremely Intense or Nervous Feeling In People

1. Focus On Others Instead Of Yourself

Extremely Intense or Nervous

When you are in a social situation that is making you feel nervous, it is most likely that you will end up being caught in your anxious feelings and thoughts.

This makes you feel as if everyone is gazing at you and judging you. This extreme self-focus makes you realize how nervous you are feeling and triggering extreme intense stress.

Switching from self-focus to external focus helps in minimizing social anxiety. The more you are concentrated on your external environment, the less you feel the anxiety.

2. Face Your Fears

Extremely Intense or Nervous

One of the best ways to overcome extreme intense and nervous feelings is by facing your fears, that is, the social situations instead of avoiding them.

The moment you avoid these situations, the more intense the too intense feelings grow.

Although avoiding such problems might help you feel comfortable for a while, it stops you from feeling comfortable when in such situations.

This also prevents you from learning how to deal with the situation in the long term. Although this seems impossible, you can start with a problem that is easy to handle and move forward.

3. Control Your Breathing

Extremely Intense or Nervous

There is a lot of chemistry that happens in your body when you feel nervous or too intense. Some of the observable changes include breathing quickly.

Over breathing disrupts oxygen balance and carbon dioxide in your body, resulting in more observable anxiety symptoms, including dizziness and increased heart rate.

Understanding how to control your breathing helps bring the symptoms of nervousness and extreme intense under control.

You can find out the breathing practices that will help you stay calm such as inhaling slowly, holding your breath, and exhaling slowly, among others.

4. Challenge Your Negative Thoughts

Extremely Intense or Nervous

Extreme intense and nervous feelings seem impossible to control, but you can control them in many ways, including challenging your mentality.

People with extreme intense feelings are filled with negative thoughts and also beliefs that add to their nervousness. Some of these negative thoughts include:

  • The feeling that you will look like a fool after giving your idea.
  • You seem dull and do not need to talk.
  • People will think that you are stupid. Challenge these thoughts by keeping a positive mentality.

5. Be More Social

Extremely Intense or Nervous

Seeking out for supportive social environments is a great way to challenge your extreme and overcome your nervous feel.

Several suggestions help you begin interacting in positive ways, including:

  • Starting a social skills class in your community college or any other relevant place.
  • Try to work on your communication skills.
  • Volunteer taking a task that you enjoy.

6. Exercise

Extremely Intense or Nervous

Exercising is a great way to get rid of your extreme intense energy. This strategy is even supported by research.

A study indicated that exercise is a great way to treat an extraordinarily intense and nervous feel.

According to a study done in 2016, exercise can help people with too intense feelings due to quitting smoking.

7. Wake Up 15 Minutes Early

Extremely Intense or Nervous

Your too intense and nervous feel may be due to fear of being late. The best way is to wake up ahead of time and set your things to run smoothly.

If you begin to worry about your daily schedule, breathe deeply, and think that there is enough time.

In conclusion, feeling nervous or extremely intense is a norm with all humans, but how you control these feelings is the concern.

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