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5 Services For People With Anxiety: Empath Health Tips 

Empath Health Tips!

Dealing with anxiety is never easy! Even more so when you can’t seem to find any help.

The good news, however, is that you never have to handle these issues by yourself. There are a ton of free services that specialize in helping individuals dealing with anxiety. 

In this article, we have taken the liberty to outline five of such services to ensure you get the Empath health you need.

5 Free Services For People Dealing With Anxiety: Empath Health Tips

Empath Health Tips

1. New Access ~ Empath Health Tips

New Access is an online program that is entirely free to people feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed by daily issues such as relationships, school, loneliness, and work.

Founded by Beyond Blue, New Access offers audio and video call services to all individuals that might be dealing with anxiety.

The good news is that you don’t need a referral from an established doctor to access these free services.

You only need to book an appointment from the comfort of your home to start getting professional help.

2. Turn2Me

Founded by Diarmuid and Oisin Collard in 2009, after they lost their brother to suicide, Turn2Me offers a safe online environment for people suffering from anxiety. 

It is a free service that gives affected people a platform to share their problems and get useful information and much-needed support. 

Understand that people battling anxiety have too intense or nervous tendencies, which means that they need immediate help.

Because it is open to all individuals above the age of eighteen, you can get the help you need to deal with anxiety.

The great news is that they include an online support group that doesn’t cost a dime to join and share.

3. Mental Health America ~ Empath Health Tips

One of the nations leading community-based organizations that helps people living with anxiety is Mental Health America.

It is a non-profit organization that offers several dedicated programs and services to all individuals affected by anxiety and depression.

They offer an online free forum for individuals suffering from anxiety, which ensures that you can get the help and support that you need.

The community leaders monitor all the meetings and ensure that you get a safe space to express your fears and problems.

4. Anxiety and Depression Association of America

When you need free extensive resources and information on anxiety, you need to look up the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

They offer an anonymous peer-to-peer support group with more than 40,000 subscribers.

This website’s main aim is to provide a friendly and safe space for individuals dealing with anxiety and their families and friends to share all their experiences.

However, note that the discussions are not held at a specific time.

5. 7 Cups of Tea ~ Empath Health Tips

7 Cups of Tea is an excellent solution when you are looking for a free one-on-one support system.

You get to interact with trained volunteers, peers and paid professionals without spending any money.

The anxiety support groups have a wide variety of resources, which gives you an excellent place to talk about your experiences.

I love about 7 Cups of Tea because their forums are quite active throughout the day and night.


Understand that several organizations and groups offer free services to people dealing with anxiety.

Use these different forums to help you cope with whatever problems you might be going through.

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  1. Linda Srygley says:

    I am trying to heal from 39 years of living with this narcissistic person and then married to this same person for 33yrs. Now divorced from him since April 2017. I thought l was going through healing all these years of the effects he has left in me but found out from a group support that l have been dissasociating myself since two years before the end of marriage and all these years after the divorce by staying laying on my couch and not talking about what has happened to anyone except for God. I need help very bad to heal.

    1. Have you considered joining support meet up groups? Just being to connect with others who have been through what you have been through, can be a huge help!

      I wrote an article title “The Top 10 Largest Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Groups” => https://freefreebies4moms.com/narcissistic-abuse-recovery-groups/

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