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Should I Eat More Chicken For Weight Loss?

Chicken is one of the juiciest meats that you can prepare in multiple ways. Chicken meat is classified among the lean meats, which are low in calories. 

So, if you are still working to lose a few pounds to get that summer body, it would be safe to incorporate chicken into your diet plans. 

Besides, chicken has a low level of calories and is packed with proteins and other nutrients you will need in your weight loss journey.

So, can you eat more chicken to lose weight? 

The answer is absolutely yes! 

The chicken will always be a winner when it comes to healthy diets and weight loss. 

But note that the way you prepare the chicken determines its nutritional values, plus how effective it will be in your weight loss journey. 

For example, deep-fried chicken is not recommendable for weight loss since it has too many calories from the refined oils.

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Should I Eat More Chicken For Weight Loss?

Should I Eat More Chicken For Weight Loss?

Eat More Chicken
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How to prepare chicken for weight loss

Some of the healthy ways that you can use to prepare chicken to facilitate weight loss include


If you are looking for an oil-free method to prepare your chicken, baking it is the ultimate choice. Besides, there is nothing like enjoying crispy and juicy chicken that has been cooking slowly in an oven, right!

Make Salad

Chicken is quite common to vegan or in keto diets as it makes the best salads. In this case, you add other ingredients such as vegetables and olive oil, which are also low in calories and high in fiber. Great nutrients to facilitate healthy weight loss

  • Other methods include adding it to other foods like a taco, making a sandwich, among others.

How does chicken help with weight loss?

Eat More Chicken
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Suppresses hunger

Chicken is an excellent source of protein. As we all know, protein is highly recommendable for weight loss since it helps to suppress hunger. 

Therefore, by eating protein often, you will consume fewer calories a day by reducing the amount of food you eat a day. 

This means that the more protein you get from chicken meals, the lesser you will consume in a day, resulting in drastic weight loss.

Has less in calories

A combination of chicken with other low calories diets will, for sure, help with weight loss. 

Chicken is lean meat, and some parts like the chicken breasts have the least level of cholesterol. 

So, you don’t have to worry about pilling up a lot of fat in your body even when you eat more chicken. 

For example, 3 ounce of cooked chicken breast totals 330 calories, which is super low than the recommended calories for weight loss. 

Hence, combining chicken meat with other low-calorie meals like vegetables will help you achieve weight loss goals.


Eating more chicken will help you lose weight, but it all narrows down to how you prepare the chicken meals and the foods you incorporate into the chicken meals. 

Ensure the chicken is prepared in methods that do not add calories and ensure eating diets rich in fiber, low in calories, and cholesterol.

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