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Why You Can’t Have A Drama Free Relationship With A Narcissist

Why You Can’t Have A Drama Free Relationship With A Narcissist

Narcissistic people are parasites; they are energy vampires; they are immature kidults who need some form of stimulus to keep their small minds from going insane from boredom.

For those of us who have had the unfortunate experience of getting to be with these losers — we know all too well how melodramatic these people can be!

The smallest thing out of place can set them off and put them in a place where they will go batsh*t insane over nonsense.

They look for reasons to get excited, and if there is nothing to get excited about, then they will create a reason.

This is why NOT PLAYING THEIR GAMES and GOING NO CONTACT is the best way to get back at these clowns.

Arguing with them, pleading with them for a reason, trying to come to terms with a misunderstanding WILL NOT HAPPEN.

These people are like leeches, and the more energy and attention you give to them, the happier they are!

Drama to them is what water is to us — we need it to survive!

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