Do Narcissistic Relationships Last

Do Narcissistic Relationships Last? 3 Scenarios That You Should Know About

Do narcissistic relationships last?

Narcissistic people seem to have this ability to draw people into their sphere of influence and brainwash people into believing that they cannot live without them.

They can do this, I posit, because they focus on trying to attract empaths.

Empathic people, warm-hearted and kind as they may be, can also be naive.

And it is the naive empath that many of these toxic narcissistic people are always looking for.

A naive empath will put up with a lot of the narcissist kidult antics and only fuel the narcissist’s ego.

As long as they can appear to be the victim of their tragic past, the narcissist can keep the empath caught in their web of insanity.

In this article, I want to explore whether or not this toxic relationship can last and, if it does, why it does.

Do Narcissistic Relationships Last: The Honest Truth

Now, there is “no one answer to fit all” for this question.

There are several scenarios that I would like to propose that will better help to explain if these toxic relationships can last.

But in all honesty, for all these scenarios, you will want them to END.

There is plenty of other good fish out in the sea.

Stop trying to make it work with these toxic men and toxic women.

Don’t let this one life you have be wasted on a person who only sees you as a toy, as supply, as an item for their pleasure.

Scenario # 1 – How Long Do Narcissistic Relationships Last (Constantly Taking Them Back)

Do Narcissistic Relationships Last
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In scenario number one, the victim (THE TARGET) will constantly take the narcissist back because, in their mind, they see the narcissist as helpless and in need of someone to “believe in them.”

The narcissist knows how to play on the emotional strings of others, and this is very true with empaths.

In this scenario, the narcissist will cry their crocodile tears BUT NEVER REALLY APOLOGIZE for what they did to bring the person back into their insanity.

In this scenario, they will gaslight (pick up FREE ebook in the article to know if you are being gaslighted) their partner into believing their actions were because of their negative past, because of being misunderstood, or because the victim (THE TARGET) overlooked something.

Whatever it is, they will guilt a person into coming back to them and staying in their insanity.

And the person will take them back.

This relationship last for as long as the person, who keeps taking them back, takes them back.

Scenario # 2 – Financial Abuse (The Narcissist Keeps The Victim In Their Life With Financial Abuse)

Do Narcissistic Relationships Last
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Financial abuse is very much a real thing. 

In this form of abuse, the person who has the money makes it damn near impossible for the other partner to have any say over finances. 

They do this because as long as they can control the money in the relationship, they can control the person. 

This makes it a hell of a lot more difficult for that person to leave them if they ever decide to up and leave one day. 

This is a form of abuse that goes over many people’s heads because many don’t see the toll it takes on a person. 

If they can control your finances, and keep you from having a job, then you become dependent on them, and thus they will forever have a supply that can never leave them. 

This is more the reason why learning to be financially independent is a must. 

We see this not only in “romantic” relationships but also in jobs and careers. 

You can have a nasty boss (With toxic female bosses being a NGHTMARE), and if you NEED the job to take care of your family, they can treat you like crap knowing all too well that you need the money to survive.

This relationship last out of a need of necessity.

Scenario # 3 – Stalking You (They Will Not Let You Go)

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In this scenario, the narcissist just will not let you go. They will stalk, harass, send their flying monkeys after you.

These people will not let the relationship end. If you find yourself in a situation like this, GET THE AUTHORITIES INVOLVED.

These toxic narcissists WILL take things to the next level.

With that level being “If I can’t have you, NO ONE CAN” level.

They are not playing with a full deck, and for the sake of your life, you must take the necessary steps to stay safe.

Don’t overlook the red flags anymore. If they are stalking you, BE CAREFUL.

Remember this, there are many people who should be in a mental house, but aren’t.

Don’t ignore these red flags.

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